• Guidance Lessons

    Guidance lessons are taught in the classroom by the counselor throughout the year.  These lessons provide strategies and skills that help students to be successful. My goal is for those skills to be carried over into lifelong learning in all avenues including academic, personal, and social interaction. 

    Individual Counseling

    In a school setting, the counselor does brief counseling which addresses problems within a few sessions. The school setting is different than a therapeutic/clinical setting where diagnosis and treatment plans are created and treatment is administered for a longer period of time. The goal of school counseling is to address issues that impact learning while at school. If issues continue to impact the student's learning at school, after intervention by the counselor, a referral to an outside resource will be suggested to the parent/guardian.  

    Group Counseling

    Sometimes a child's needs are best served through the use of group counseling.  In group counseling, the students come together to work on a common need or concern.  The counselor facilitates groups and strives to provide the students with strategies that will aid in their success.