About Rylander Elementary


    Tanya Heard,     Principal

    Lisa Langford,    Assistant Principal

    Yenny Papa,       Assistant Principal 




    24831 Westheimer Parkway

    Katy, Texas 77494


    281.237.8300 Phone

    281.644.1600 Fax


    Grades:             PreK - 5

    Hours:                7:50 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

    Colors:               Maroon, Green, and Silver

    Mascot:             Rhino


    The driving force behind Rylander Elementary is an inherent, heartfelt belief that all children can succeed and the dedicated teacher is the catalyst. This belief is mirrored in the enthusiasm and positive learning attitude displayed by our students. Their pride in their school is clearly evident as they walk down the halls, actively participate in class, and demonstrate "Rhino Responsibility" in each goal they accomplish.

    To instruct and educate our eager students, Ms. Heard, Principal, searched for teachers that not only were knowledgeable about curriculum and relevant instructional strategies but also understood the developmental needs of students. Key qualities sought in candidates were flexibility, organization, a willingness to further their own learning, to continue growth, and to do whatever it takes to make students successful. Teachers who instruct with a “parent's heart” and with a commitment to the belief that all students can succeed, were selected to be part of the Rylander Elementary staff.

    Rylander Elementary is fortunate to have the support of parents, the community, and local businesses. Our PTA actively works to support the school by sending teachers to professional development opportunities, providing additional classroom enrichment materials, working as volunteers, helping fund field trips, and beautifying our school and campus grounds. Volunteer parents and community members put in an incredible number of hours working in the building and preparing instructional materials to enrich students' academic experiences. A strong academic foundation is greatly supported through the efforts of volunteers and the PTA.