Counseling Services

  • At PME, there are a variety of settings in which the counselor can meet with students.  

    Individual Counseling - Sometimes counselors need to meet with students on an individual basis.  Teachers and parents can request a child to meet with the counselor, or a student may initiate speaking with the counselor themselves. To do so, the student will need to ask his/her teacher's permission to leave the classroom.  

    Group Counseling - Sometimes a child's needs are best served through the use of group counseling.  In group counseling, the students come together to work on a common need or concern.  The counselor facilitates groups and strives to provide the students with strategies that will better serve them.

    Lunch Bunches - Elementary-aged students are still developing appropriate social skills and emerging attitudes about the world around them.  In order to help students develop meaningful friendships and practice appropriate social skills, oftentimes the counselor can be found hosting lunch bunches in her office.  

    Guidance Lessons

    Every nine weeks, the counselor will meet with grade-level classes for guidance lessons.  Guidance lessons at PME focus on a variety of age-appropriate topics in an effort to support academic and social/emotional success. Lessons are taught in an enjoyable and meaningful way, through the use of books, technology, and/or games.  Teachers can also request additional guidance lessons when needed.  

    PurposeFULL People

    Purposefull People is the elementary toolkit within the Character Strong curriculum.  Character Strong is a character development program that is designed to be relational, interactive and build social-emotional skills in students, staff, and families.