About McRoberts Elementary

  • School Colors: Blue, silver and white
    School Mascot: Dolphins
    School Motto: Just Keep Swimming!
    Dedication: 1997
    Our Core Values:

    DOLPHINS are.....

    • Dedicated to Academic Excellence
    • Optimistic about Our Future
    • Loyal to our Community
    • Positive role-models
    • Helpful to others
    • Imaginative Learners
    • Natural Leaders
    • Super motivated 


    The students, faculty, staff, parents, and community members at McRoberts form a partnership committed to embracing diversity and creating an environment where children are safe, nurtured, and empowered to reach their full potential as productive members of our community. Students understand their responsibility in the learning process and go beyond the acquisition of basic skills to achieve a genuine love of learning. High expectations for learning and performance are critical to motivating and challenging students to be the best they can be. Preparation for secondary school success begins here, at PME!

    Good readers succeed in school and in life! Reading development is promoted throughout the instructional day through focused classroom activities, school-wide reading incentive programs, intervention programs that provide assistance for students whose skills need improvement, and homework structures provided by parents. Math skills are equally important to be successful in school and in life. Math progress gets a boost through software, daily practice, and assessment, innovative teaching strategies, before or after-school assistance, and homework structures provided by parents.

    Evidence of student success is celebrated and displayed throughout the school. Learning, good citizenship, and leadership examples are celebrated on hallway bulletin boards, on morning announcements, and in the classroom. Parents consistently communicate with teachers regarding learning objectives and are expected to play a vital role in their child’s achievement.

    Additionally, students take home a communication folder containing student work and community notices of interest to parents. Discipline charts are sent home daily to encourage timely discussion between children and parents concerning behavior expectations. Together, parents and teachers can be vigilant in the quest to guide and teach our students and ensure they are equipped for success in the future.

    Our Mission

    The Polly Ann McRoberts community is dedicated to facilitating academic excellence throughout our diverse learning population in a secure and nurturing environment.