• ​​​​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions 


    Q. How do I report absences?

    A. There are 3 ways you can report an absence: You can call Jenny Mendoza at 281-234-0608, you can email her at JennyCMendoza@katyisd.org or you can use the attendance reporting tab on the Cardiff JH website.

    Q. What is the tardy policy at CJH?

    A.  Students have 4 minutes between each class. When the bell rings, if a student is not in a classroom or with a pass, they go to a station and receive a tardy.

    ​1st Tardy =

    ​no reprimand

    ​2nd Tardy =

    ​​no reprimand

    ​3rd Tardy  =

    ​​no reprimand

    ​4th Tardy =

    ​​no reprimand

    ​5th Tardy =

    ​1 hour after school detention

    ​6th Tardy =

    ​1 hour after school detention

    ​7th  Tardy =

    ​1 hour after school detention

    8th Tardy =

    ​1 hour after school detention  

    Q. How can I log on to canvas?

    A. References the Parent Access Handout

    Q. Can my student check out an iPad?

    A. View the iPad check out presentation

    Q. What is the Retest/Redo Policy?

    A. View the Retest/Redo Policy​.​

    Q.  I've heard about having to update my child's information using PowerSchool? 

    A.  Each year parents of returning students are required to update their child's Enrollment Card and complete other important documents at the beginning of the school year using PowerSchool.  These were all of the documents that used to come home with your student in their "first day packet."  KISD has now made this an online process.  Parents are still required to complete and update this information.  KISD will send an email to the parents of all returning students with instructions on how to complete this annual update process.   If you need assistance, please contact our Registrar, Laura Gomez, 281-234-0709.

    Q. How do I check my student's grades and attendance online?

    A.  The Home Access Center (HAC) is the parent portal for online grades and attendance information. Once logged in, you can change your password in the "My Profile" link.  If you need assistance accessing HAC, you may contact Laura Gomez via email or phone: 281-234-0709.

    Q. What do I do if my student is experiencing problems in a class?

    A. For questions regarding academic performance and classroom conduct, first contact your student's teacher by phone or e-mail.  E-mail addresses and phone numbers can be found easily on our campus website.  Be advised that classroom phones do not ring during class time, so you should expect to leave a message for the teacher to contact you.  Remember that students have an Advisory period at the end of each day.  Advisory should be a time in which students complete their homework, study for tests and quizzes, read or get help from one of their teachers.  Also, teachers are available for after-school tutoring.  Please refer to the campus website for a copy of the tutoring schedule or contact the teacher regarding their availability.  Beginning the 3rd week of school, the campus provides after-school buses three days a week (Monday-Thursday) to transport students home who need transportation.  Buses leave campus at 5:00 PM.  Students are not dropped off door-to-door; they are dropped off at set locations within walking distance of their homes.  Please refer to the campus website for additional information and maps of the bus routes/stops.

    Q. What if I move during the school year and need to change my student's address?

    A. You will need to provide a new proof of residence to the Registrar's Office for any address change.   Please keep in mind that this is very important as many things are mailed home throughout the school year.   A proof of residence can be a closing document on your new home signed by all parties; a lease or rental agreement, signed by all parties; or most preferred, a current utility bill (water, gas or electricity bill).  The original needs to be sent to the Registrar's Office, Laura Gomez or by phone: 281-234-0709.  A copy will be made for the student's file and the changes will be made in the system.

    Q. How do I get a message to my child during the school day?

    A. Phone messages that are an emergency or urgent in nature can be delivered to your student by calling the main number 281-237-0600.  You may find it helpful to text non-emergency messages to your student.  Students will be able to check their messages between classes and at lunch. 

    Q.  How do I check out my student early for an appointment?

    A. You will ring the buzzer at the front entrance and show your government issued ID to the security camera in order to enter the Front Office to sign out your students .  Students will only be released to the parent/guardian on record.  In order for us to release a student to someone other than a parent/guardian, including grandparents and individuals listed as emergency contacts, the parent/guardian must email or send a written note to the front desk, along with a copy of the parent/guardian ID.  The email or note must state the name of the person to whom the student is being released, must be signed by the parent/guardian and must include a phone number in which we can contact the parent/guardian.