​​About Us​

  • Our Namesake:

    The Cardiff name comes from a history of Katy settlers. They arrived to the Katy area in the1900s. According to school board members, the family includes prominent rice farmers and a long line of educators and school board members. ​​The Cardiff family members have served the community as city councilmen, school trustees and teachers for the last nine decades, school district spokeswoman Kris Taylor said.​ [Taken from Katy Times Article]​

    Creating Outstanding Leaders, Teachers and Students:

    Every horse from a Kentucky Derby winner to a cowboy's indispensable sidekick began life as a colt, a youngster full of energy, curiosity, potential and big dreams. And so it is for the Colts of Cardiff Jr. High, a campus where a steadfast focus on the unique needs of young learners prepares them to be winners in school and on the racetracks and open ranges of life, both now and when they become adults.

    Cardiff's goals address not only student achievement, but also ensure that each child finds a special place where each can identify his or her strengths and interests and build upon them.

    As a result, its hand-selected faculty members share two qualities: teaching excellence plus a willingness to go above and beyond instruction to help students find that unique place, whether it is in academics, athletics, performance or community service. Teachers regularly attend athletic events, performances and other after-school activities to demonstrate their support for students.

    Cardiff's outstanding academic program is based on a commitment to providing all students with a first-rate education and an opportunity to excel in school, no matter what their backgrounds are. Teachers tailor instruction to meet individual student needs, with one-on-one academic interventions designed to help students overcome barriers to their learning. Instruction is complemented by computers in each classroom, SMART Boards​ in all math and science classrooms, plus five mobile laptop labs and three stationary desk-top labs. Students have access to 15 desktop computers in the library before and after school, as well as throughout the school day.

    ​​An expanding list of student activities is based, not on what staff members think is meaningful, but on the interests of the students themselves. Among the opportunities available to Cardiff Colts are Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, and Colts Care, a service organization dedicated to school and community volunteerism. Student athletes can compete in football, volleyball, basketball, track, tennis and golf, or participate in the friendly rivalry of intramural matches among advisories. Through the pep squad, both girls and boys support Colt athletic teams and promote school spirit.

    Consistent communication with parents through a variety of means and in several languages insures that parents remain key ingredients in their children's success. Cardiff's​ growing Parent-Teacher Association focuses on projects and fund-raising that directly benefit students and teachers, including sponsorship of the fall student dance and plans to systematically expand the library collection. To minimize disruptions to families, PTA meetings are paired with other activities, including performances by fine arts groups.

Vision, Mission & Values

  • Vision Statement

    Cardiff Junior High, in partnership with parents and the community, will empower each student to become a life-long learner who is responsible, productive, and engaged.  All who enter the halls of CJH will feel safe, valued, and proud.

    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to ensure the academic and personal growth of each student through enriching experiences focusing on collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.  We will prepare our students to be productive citizens and future leaders by setting high expectations and holding them accountable for their actions.  We will provide a safe, inclusive learning community by encouraging effective and open communication and by respecting and celebrating differences.





    Safe Environment



    Growth Mindset

    As part of recognizing the 10th year of Cardiff's history, the vision, mission, & values were revised in the spring of 2018 through a collaborative process involving the entire faculty and finalized by the Leadership Team, which included department chairs, instructional coaches, and counselor representation.  The vision, mission, and values will guide the future work of the Cardiff faculty and staff.

    Scott Rounds, Principal

    August 2018​