23-24 - RAE Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Dear StingRAE Parents:

We had a great first day of school.  Please see attached our arrival/dismissal procedures.  We are also including the car rider arrival/dismissal map and infographic to help.

As a reminder, today was the only day parents can walk their students to class.

Thank you for taking the time to review our procedures to ensure the safety of all in our school community.


Your RAE Crew

messages/attachments/3e3a7f69429316236941ba0bf9d2617c/Arrival_Dismissal_Procedures_for_Meet_the_Teacher_Night.docx (458.5 KB)
messages/attachments/f46a340ba4f45d8854bde1c42aa98902/Arrival_%26_Dismissal_Procedures_%2823-24_Parent_Letter%29_.docx.pdf (50.5 KB)
messages/attachments/7f34de33a547b2ec57005c7219622266/Arrival_Dismissal_Map_3-22-21.pdf (230.4 KB)