• Welcome Lunch Visitors!

    CE​​​ is pleased to welcome parents to enjoy lunch with your child. All lunch visitors must check in at the front office and receive a visitor pass to wear while on campus. Please be sure that you have a valid government-issued photo ID in order to visit. Due to space and safety concerns, lunch visitors are limited to parents/step-parents/guardians, non-school-aged siblings and grandparents (accompanied by a parent or with written permission from a parent), or campus mentors. You may note your written permission for a grandparent to visit unaccompanied by filling out the Parent Permission for Elementary Lunch Visitors Form and turning it in to the CE Front Office.

    Visits are limited to the 30-minute lunch period. Due to space limitations at the elementary level, no exceptions to the list of approved visitors can be made. Lunch visitors do not in​clude aunts, uncles, friends or neighbors. In addition, lunch visitors are limited to two (2) guests per student per day, including younger siblings. Unusual circumstances may be approved in advance by the principal or assistant principal.

    ​In order to get you checked in as quickly as possible, we ask that you let us know you plan to visit for lunch by completing the CE Lunch Visitor Pre-Raptor Form ​​​​​by 2 pm the day before you plan to visit. Completion of this form is not required, however it will allow you to get checked in at the office and off to visit your student's lunch more quickly.

    All lunch visitors are asked to follow our lunch visitor expectations:

    • Lunch visits are limited to the 30-minute lunch period.
    • Please proceed directly to the cafeteria after you have checked in. Your child will greet you at the visitor table.
    • Lunch visitors should stay at the visitor table. Please do not walk around the lunch room.
    • Other students are not permitted to join your family at the visitor table.
    • If you plan to bring in lunch for your child, please know that you are not permitted to bring lunch for other students.
    • Photos should be taken of your child only. Please do not take photos of other students.
    • Please say goodbye to your child at the cafeteria door and return to the front office to exit the campus at the end of the 30-minute lunch period.
    • You can return to the cafeteria through the front office after checking in if you are visiting your other child at a different lunch time.

    CE Lunch Visitor Pre-Raptor Form - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeZn_13u-O86E0HUgjGdom88aIgbTEclOvtVc9pqwOmPmcI1w/viewform?pli=1

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