• Gifted and Talented Screening

    GT parent checklists are available online! Please read for due dates and further information.


    What is GT?

    GT is a program that serves students who have high achievement capability, are quick learners and need an instructional challenge.

    In Katy ISD, students identified for Gifted and Talented program get pulled out for one full day a week to the Challenge classroom.



    How can I request screening?

    Simply fill out a Parent checklist before the closing dates noted below.

    Parent checklists may be found in the Parent portal of Home Access Center, Search for Gifted and Click on the purple tile.

    Or the district website: https://www.katyisd.org/Page/4167

    Click Parent Checklist under Resources.

    All testing will be done on the campus by district proctors.

    No paper submissions will be accepted.




    Zoom Awareness Session date

    Submission Closes @ 11:59 pm


    September 12

    September 13

    Grade 5

    Dec. 7th- KAP awareness

    September 21

    Grades 1 - 4

    October 17

    October 27



    Need More Information?

    Please join the district information sessions (dates listed above) via Zoom using this link:




    (Click event in the calendar for Zoom)


    Screening timeline



    Email JolindaGForeman@katyisd.org