BES Staff Directory

Administration Ashley Pierce Principal    Contact

Administration Kim O'Reilly Administrative Assistant for Ashley Pierce    Contact

Administration Christina Borgstedte Assistant Principal for 1st Grade, 4th Grade, Specials    Contact

Administration Lindsay O'Leary Assistant Principal for 2nd Grade, 5th Grade, Special Programs    Contact

Administration Tracy Bashay Assistant Principal for Pre-K, Kindergarten, 3rd Grade, Special Education Resource/In-Class Support    Contact

Administration Erica Foster Instructional Coordinator    Contact

Administration Julie Akerson Counselor for 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, and 4th Grade    Contact

Administration Dr. Penelope Flores Counselor for Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 5th Grade    Contact

Fifth Grade Denise Phillips Teacher/Team Lead    Contact

Fifth Grade Celena Bynum Teacher    Contact

Fifth Grade Shelby Hood Teacher    Contact

Fifth Grade Nicole Lidey Teacher    Contact

Fifth Grade Thy Van Teacher    Contact

Fifth Grade Renata Wilson Teacher    Contact

Special Education David Flores Resource/ICS Teacher/Team Lead    Contact

Special Education Sonya Anderson Resource/ICS Teacher    Contact

Special Education Bonnie Jones Resource/ICS Teacher    Contact

Special Education Rosaura Jaramillo Resource/ICS Teacher    Contact

Special Education Justin Stewart Resource/ICS Teacher    Contact

Special Education Kelsey Lowe ASIP Teacher/Special Programs Team Lead    Contact

Special Education Taylor Notter ECSE Teacher    Contact

Special Education Lisa Shott ECSE Teacher    Contact

Special Education Mary-Catherine Chesley ECAP Teacher    Contact

Special Education Ja'Nay Wynn YCAP Teacher    Contact

Special Education Abigail Murray YCAP Teacher    Contact

Special Education Melanie Philpott Speech Language Pathologist    Contact

Special Education Dara Lee Speech Language Pathologist    Contact

Special Education Rachael Peck Speech Language Pathologist    Contact

Special Education April Werner Specialist in School Psychology    Contact

Special Education Kimberly Klingbeil Diagnostician    Contact

Special Education Christopher Salls ARD Facilitator    Contact

Special Education Audrea Brandl Resource/ICS Assistant    Contact

Special Education Danielle Brown Resource/ICS Assistant    Contact

Special Education Nicole Goco Resource/ICS Assistant    Contact

Special Education Jennifer Lanese Resource/ICS Assistant    Contact

Special Education Kelly Targac Resource/ICS Assistant    Contact

Special Education Johanna Richman Resource/ICS Assistant    Contact

Special Education Colleen Farney Resource/ICS Assistant    Contact

Special Education Amanda Wiley Resource/ICS Assistant    Contact

Special Education Bernice Navarro ECSE Assistant    Contact

Special Education Monica Ochoa ECSE Assistant    Contact

Special Education Imelda Butcher ECSE Assistant    Contact

Special Education Tammy Kosub ESCE Assistant    Contact

Special Education Micaela Martinez ECAP Assistant    Contact

Special Education Kim Owen ECAP Assistant    Contact

Special Education Andrea Canales-Robles YCAP Assistant    Contact

Special Education Karen Rueve YCAP Assistant    Contact

Special Education Sandy Shashipadme YCAP Assistant    Contact

Special Education Callie Scott YCAP Assistant    Contact

Special Education Riley Pierce ASIP Assistant    Contact

Special Education Krystal Smart ASIP Assistant    Contact

Specials Shanna Teuton Art Teacher/Specials Team Leader    Contact

Specials Daniela Arana Art Teacher    Contact

Specials Christine Marrs Music Teacher    Contact

Specials Jenny Mauterstock Music Teacher    Contact

Specials Ross DeLeon PE Teacher    Contact

Specials Kesley Clark PE Teacher    Contact

Specials Tracy Howell PE Assistant    Contact

Specials Brian Dusek PE Assistant    Contact

Compensatory Education Laurie Belz ESL Teacher/Team Lead    Contact

Compensatory Education Natalie Powell ESL Teacher    Contact

Compensatory Education Yarrow Sledge ESL Teacher    Contact

Compensatory Education Lesley Vargas ESL Assistant    Contact

Compensatory Education Diana Durlam Dyslexia Intervention    Contact

Compensatory Education Cecilia Besnard Dyslexia Intervention    Contact

Compensatory Education Rebecca Hery Dyslexia Intervention    Contact

Compensatory Education Jodi Foreman GT Teacher    Contact

Compensatory Education Happy Kosel Math Intervention    Contact

Compensatory Education Becky James Reading Intervention    Contact

Compensatory Education Jeanne Horner Reading Intervention    Contact

Compensatory Education Maggie McCauley Math Intervention    Contact

Cafeteria Staff Nora Lara Cafeteria Manager    Contact

Custodial Staff Martha Duran Hernandez Lead Custodian    Contact

Office Staff Kim Alford Financial Clerk    Contact

Office Staff Staci Dakus Registrar    Contact

Office Staff Katherine Torres Receptionist    Contact

Office Staff Kim Evans Textbook Clerk  

Office Staff Alicia Cardoza Clerk    Contact

Office Staff Christilynn Price-Osbourne Registered Nurse    Contact

Office Staff Jamie Soto Clinic Assistant    Contact

Instructional Coaches Math/Science Instructional Coach  

Instructional Coaches Melissa Quintana Language Arts/Social Studies Instructional Coach    Contact

Library/Media Center Sarah Durst Librarian    Contact

Library/Media Center Michelle DaPra Library Clerk    Contact

Pre-Kindergarten Meredith Smith Teacher    Contact

Pre-Kindergarten Marilyn Sandate Pre-K Assistant    Contact

Kindergarten Callie Northey Teacher/Team Lead    Contact

Kindergarten Elizabeth Atwood Teacher    Contact

Kindergarten Brett Baca Teacher    Contact

Kindergarten Kaitlynn Brownlee Teacher/Team Lead    Contact

Kindergarten Angel Chan Teacher    Contact

Kindergarten Katherine Chaney Teacher    Contact

Kindergarten Kendall Crow Teacher    Contact

Kindergarten Cassie Kulow Teacher    Contact

Kindergarten Alexandria Lindsay Teacher    Contact

Kindergarten Brandon Meligan Teacher    Contact

Kindergarten Sofia Salazar Teacher    Contact

Kindergarten Abigail Tomme Teacher    Contact

Kindergarten Babita Wolfkill Teacher    Contact

Kindergarten Lora Zuazua Teacher    Contact

First Grade Jessica Frank Teacher/Team Lead    Contact

First Grade Mary Beisert Teacher    Contact

First Grade Heather Bragg Teacher    Contact

First Grade Ashley Breedlove Teacher    Contact

First Grade Christina Chung Teacher    Contact

First Grade Carolina Colonia Teacher    Contact

First Grade Christina Nguyen Teacher    Contact

First Grade Christi Richards Teacher    Contact

First Grade Jessica Shepherd Teacher    Contact

Second Grade Kendall Talbot Teacher/Team Lead    Contact

Second Grade Melissa Bean Teacher    Contact

Second Grade Eunice Choi Teacher    Contact

Second Grade Ryann Fonseca Teacher    Contact

Second Grade Donna Fry Teacher    Contact

Second Grade Mariska Jessup Teacher    Contact

Second Grade Carolina Llano Teacher    Contact

Second Grade Miranda Prado Teacher    Contact

Second Grade Amy Ritter Teacher    Contact

Second Grade Jordin Wilkerson Teacher  

Third Grade Jamye Barron Teacher/Team Lead    Contact

Third Grade Cassandra Farmer Teacher    Contact

Third Grade Katheryn Hedblom Teacher    Contact

Third Grade Haley Huckins Teacher  

Third Grade Deanna Krenek Teacher    Contact

Third Grade Loenis Massey Teacher    Contact

Third Grade Aleshia Morris Teacher    Contact

Third Grade Katie Taylor Teacher    Contact

Fourth Grade Amy Bender Teacher    Contact

Fourth Grade Chassidy Fary Teacher    Contact

Fourth Grade Rachel Gamble Teacher    Contact

Fourth Grade Victoria Gimenez Teacher    Contact

Fourth Grade Regan Jackson Teacher    Contact

Fourth Grade Emily Jones Teacher/Team Lead    Contact

Fourth Grade Sarah Nelson Teacher    Contact

Fourth Grade Jessica Patino Teacher    Contact