• Miller Career & Technology Center
    Student Driving/Parking 


    All students who drive vehicles to Miller Career & Technology Center (MCTC) must display an MCTC Permit on the front lower right (interior passenger side) window. Payment is required via Pay 'N Go and is through a Google form and due BEFORE driving to MCTC
    1. Pay the $10 fee through Pay 'N Go 
    2. Access the Google form

    • Complete the form which requires uploading a copy of student’s valid Texas Driver’s License and proof of current insurance for the vehicle
    • Electronically Acknowledge terms of the “Parking Agreement”
    • Complete “Permission for Student/Parent-Provided Transportation”

    3. Pick-up permit from Ap Gray's office and place on the inside, lower-right of the vehicle's windshield.


    Parking permits are issued to one vehicle and may not be transferred to or used on another vehicle. Vehicles not properly parked or identified by permit are subject to a non-compliance fee and may be ticketed, booted, or towed at the owner’s expense and the driver subject to disciplinary consequences. Students with a permit, temporarily driving a different vehicle, must request a Temporary Permit. The parent or guardian must email the Assistant Principal’s office or send their student with a written note explaining the length of time needed, insurance card, license plate number, and make and model of the temporary vehicle.

    Parking is on the southwest side of Rhodes Stadium only. However, the area north of the temporary buildings is for Bistro patrons, the area south of the temporary buildings is for staff only. Student parking begins in row 3. 

    Students agree to abide by the parking rules and procedures in the Discipline Management Plan & Student Code of Conduct as well as to be safe and courteous drivers by accepting a parking permit. Drivers must not allow passengers to ride in the bed of their pickup trucks or on the roof, hood, or trunk of a car while driving on Katy ISD property. Driving over curbs or painted spaces, revving engines, and taking off quickly is unsafe. Students must obey traffic signs, safe driving rules, and follow staff direction in the parking lot as well as on the access street between MCTC and Raines/OAC where the speed limit is 20 mph. The speed limit in the Rhodes Stadium lot is 10 mph. Do not speed or drive recklessly at any time.


    Neither Katy ISD nor MCTC assume liability for student parking. Students park at their own risk with regard to accidental damage to vehicles. All students are encouraged to use district-provided transportation. If an accident occurs in the parking lot or on the access street in front of MCTC, please notify an MCTC administrator so we may assist you in contacting Katy ISD police at 281-237-4000 if necessary. Neither Katy ISD nor MCTC authorizes student parking in any location off campus. Students who drive to school must park on campus with a parking permit properly affixed to their vehicle.


    Parking is on the southwest side of the stadium, and only on the stadium side of the cable. The area north of the temporary buildings is reserved for BISTRO PATRONS. The first two rows on the south side of the temporary buildings are reserved for STAFF. Restricted areas, where students MAY NOT park include the BISTRO PATRON (north of the temporary buildings), the rows in Rhodes Parking lot reserved for STAFF, and all areas in front of Miller and west of Miller. Upon arrival, students are to park and proceed into the building immediately. Students are prohibited from being in the parking lot except upon arrival and dismissal from school. Only MCTC Administrators (not teachers or other staff) have the authority to give students permission to be in parking areas. Students loitering in parking areas or found in parking areas during the school day without proper permission will be subject to disciplinary action.


    Students may not pull into the bus lane or use the south lane by the neighbor's wooden fence.

    • Busses ALWAYS have right of way.
    • Follow the green arrows and comply with all staff directions. Infractions may result in disciplinary consequences.
    • Drive north (using a lane) towards the medians separating the North and South sides of the lot forming two lines.
    • U-turn as directed to exit towards Katyland in two lanes.
    • Do not attempt to use the lane north of Raines/OAC, Legacy Stadium or the Visitor side of Rhodes stadium to exit.



    There is no pick-up in the front parking lot of Miller, in the street in front of Miller, in Rhodes parking lot, or in the bus lanes.

    • Follow the blue ONE-WAY arrows and turn right into the Shaw Center parking lot.
    • Pull forward to the southeast corner of the building just before the bus lane, lining up single file on the right.
    • After loading your student, carefully pull out to the left and move around the other waiting vehicles heading east.
    • Exit the Visitor Side of the stadium onto Katy-Fort Bend Road.



    Failure to comply with the Discipline Management Plan and Student Code of Conduct, all guidelines stated in this document and/or poor driving or parking habits may result in disciplinary consequences, including the loss of driving privileges. Permission to drive a vehicle and park on school campus is a privilege.

    Driving Offense

    • Depends on the level/lack of safety as determined by an MCTC Administrator. Driving offenses could result in detention, ISS, vehicle immobilization, and/or loss of parking privileges.


    Parking Offense

    No visible tag

    • 1st offense: Warning (see the Assistant Principal and obtain a permit)
    • 2nd offense: $25 cash fee and possible vehicle immobilization (boot)
    • 3rd offense: $50 cash fee and possible vehicle immobilization (boot) discipline consequence

    Parking anywhere other than the designated student parking areas as stated above.

    • 1st offense: $25 cash fee and possible vehicle immobilization (boot)
    • 2nd offense: $50 cash fee and possible vehicle immobilization (boot)
    • 3rd offense: $50 cash fee and possible vehicle immobilization (boot)/discipline consequence

    Do not attempt to drive a booted vehicle. Damage to the boot is the responsibility of the vehicle owner.