A student must be in attendance a minimum of 90% of the days a class meets to receive credit for that class. Refer to Katy ISD’s Discipline Management Plan & Student Code of Conduct for specifics on Attendance Laws and Truancy Prevention

    MCTC Attendance Secretary: 281-237-6300 or MCTCAttendance@katyisd.org


    If a student is absent for any reason, a parent must call MCTC to report the absence as early as possible on the day of the absence and each day the student is absent thereafter, or use this link to complete the absence. A parent's note is not required upon the student’s return if a phone call was received from the parent regarding the absence on the day it occurred. Students arriving on campus after 7:15 a.m. must sign in with the Attendance Office prior to going to class. Students must be FEVER FREE (<100) without fever-reducing medications for 24 hours before being allowed back to school. Students absent for vomiting or diarrhea must also be symptom free without the use of preventative medications for 24 hours before being allowed back into school.


    MCTC morning classes begin at 7:15 a.m. Afternoon classes begin at 12:20 p.m. depending on the student’s class schedule. Students who are not in class before the bell rings must check in through the Attendance Office. A student is considered tardy when the student is not in the proper place when the tardy bell rings. There are no excused tardies for students who arrive by a mode of transportation, unless caused by interrupted transportation flow. Students who miss more than 50% of a given class period will be counted absent for attendance purposes.



    Students must stop at the Attendance Office with a dated and signed note from the parent/guardian listed on the Enrollment Card (required), noting the time the student needs to be released and the reason for an early dismissal. The Attendance Office will generate an Early Dismissal slip prior to the beginning of their first class period at Miller the day of the requested early release. In addition, parents are encouraged to call the MCTC Attendance Office to give verbal verification for a student to drive off campus. If the student is NOT driving off campus, the student may only be released to a Parent or Guardian (listed on the Enrollment Card). A photo ID must be presented at the Attendance Office before the student will be released to a Parent or Guardian. It is the responsibility of the student to show the Early Dismissal slip obtained from Attendance to his/her teacher before being released and to sign out at Attendance or be considered Truant.

    NOTE: Students will not be dismissed early to return to the home campus for tutorials, make-up work, or re-testing. These events may be scheduled during the time the student is at the home campus. Check with an MCTC administrator if assistance is needed to reschedule a home campus commitment.


    Students who miss the bus from their home campus to Miller after the second week of school may receive an unexcused absence and may be subject to a disciplinary consequence. Students missing the bus should report directly to their home campus Attendance office for instructions.


    A doctor's note must be submitted to Attendance when the student returns to school if the student was off campus part of the school day. The note must come from the doctor’s office.


    Junior and Senior students are allowed two (2) excused college visits per school year provided a Request for a College Visit form is completed and approved in advance (parts I & II are completed prior to the absence) by the student’s home campus grade-level Principal. Please call in the absence on the day of the college visit.


    Messages to students or items delivered by a guardian will be relayed as soon as is reasonably possible. We do not accept food deliveries from outside vendors, floral or balloon deliveries at any time during the school day. Thank you for your cooperation!