5th Grade Choir

  • Choir is a fun extra-curricular activity for 5th graders to enjoy.  Outback Singers is open to any 5th grader that wants to learn more about music and have fun with their friends in a choir setting.  The group meets before school twice a week and has performances for the school in December and April.  In February, the Outback Singers also work together to come up with performance skits and deliver our Singing Valentines to students and faculty of OKE.  The group also takes two off-campus field trips during the school year.  Being a member of the Outback Singers is so rewarding!  If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Guest.

    Musical Programs

    All students in 4th and 2nd grade participate in musicals each year at OKE.  The 4th graders perform in the fall and 2nd in the spring.  Each year, we do a different musical that teaches us something fun and new!  If students choose, they may audition for speaking parts, solo singing parts, and dancing parts.  While preparing for their musical, students are practicing musical objectives like singing, keeping the beat, rhythm, audience etiquette, and performing in front of others.  Students leaving OKE remember their music as one of the outstanding memories of all their years in elementary school.

    Music for All

    Students at OKE attend music class weekly.  While in music, students play instruments, sing songs, play games, folk dance, learn musical terms, symbols and ideas, read and write rhythms, and compose their own songs.  When students leave OKE for junior high, they are highly successful in junior high music ensembles.  OKE has a strong tradition of musical excellence and we are proud to continue this every year.