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  • Leonard Elementary Vision Statement

    Leading the Legacy

    Leonard Elementary Mission

    Olga Leonard Elementary, together with staff, students and community, is dedicated to: 

    Obtaining academic success by inspiring all learners to achieve their full potential. Keeping with the District’s century-long history of providing unparalleled learning experiences to students in Katy, Leonard Elementary staff members are always finding ways to engage students in unique ways. Teachers believe that all kids can be successful, and it starts with relationships. In order to understand and better serve their students, they seek first to know them. Teachers and staff members work hard to build relationships with their students, allowing them to tailor instruction to meet the individual needs of all learners. The trust built in the classroom allows students to feel confident enough to go out on a limb and try new things, leading to new discoveries and expanding their knowledge.
    Learning together as we positively contribute to society. Filled with natural light and open collaboration spaces, the two-story school building has a fresh, inviting feel. Students and teachers can find collaboration spaces and access to state-of-the-art technology around every corner of the building. This engaging campus promotes the exploration of curiosity, as well as a sense of connectivity to fellow Leopards. At Leonard Elementary, we work to build character.  Students show their “S.P.O.T.S” each and every day helping to create a sense of familiy, belonging, pride, community, and respect.

    Empowering all to embrace diversity and promote a culture of kindness. Leonard Elementary has a family feel where everyone is friendly and willing to help. Students, staff, parents and community members alike are sure to be greeted with a smile from the moment you walk in, to the last face you see before stepping out the door. At the heart of this welcoming environment is a philosophy of mutual respect. Teachers model respect for each other and their students every day. Programs such as Read-Deed-Run, Lyrical Leopards, Leopard Art Club, SPOTS Crew, Community food drives and other community service opportunities help to spread the importance of caring for others throughout the campus. The campus also welcomes members of the District’s PALs high school program, KEYS mentors and PTA volunteers to serve as additional examples of giving back to others and spreading kindness in your community.