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  • Here you will find virtually all the information you will need regarding campus and district guidelines for student illnesses and medication.

    Additional Information

    Every child should eat a well-balanced breakfast before class every day to help them remain focused on classwork. Please refer to the links for information on breakfast ideas.

    Each student should have a change of clothes in their backpack, including socks, in case of accidents or emergencies. We also accept donations of clothing: pants and shirts only.

    Please make sure your phone numbers and emergency contact numbers are updated regularly so we can regularly contact you immediately if your child becomes ill.

    Allergy season is a year-round phenomenon in Houston.  Symptoms include sneezing, itching, watery eyes, and coughing that can lead to vomiting. To prevent symptoms from worsening and turning into infection, please make sure your student is sufficiently medicated on a daily basis before arriving at school in the morning. Refer to the Links for daily pollen counts for Houston.

Health Services

  • 24 Hour Rule

  • Immunization Requirements

  • Medication Administration

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