About Us

  • School Colors: Purple and Gold
    School Mascot: Falcon

    Guiding Statement

    Fielder Elementary provides a safe, caring, and positive environment empowering students to grow academically, socially, and emotionally. As a unified community, we embrace individuality and cultivate a love of learning.

    About Fielder Elementary

    Fielder’s dynamic instructional program is steeped in cooperative learning, intense reading programs, inclusion, and higher-level thinking skills. Interactive math and science programs are experience-based, incorporating hands-on process learning. The language arts/reading curriculum includes experiences that promote self-expression and love of reading, and bring out children’s creative ability. Special grouping practices within the regular classroom at all grade levels enable teachers to provide for the varied individual differences including gifted students and those requiring additional reinforcement. For fifth graders who are capable of moving at a faster pace and need additional challenges, Fielder offers E-courses in math, language, social studies and science.

    The Library/Media Center’s computerized catalog and check-out system was the first of its kind in a Katy ISD elementary. The school has access to the Internet and distance learning capabilities. Communication is a high priority. The state award-winning school newsletter, co-sponsored by the PTA and the school, is published each six weeks. Parents receive weekly updates and communications from teachers, as well as a "Monday Memos," which update parents on school activities. The EnterLink voice mail system allows immediate two-way communication between the school and parents. Each grade level conducts a Curriculum Night at the beginning of the school year, and individual grade levels sponsor one special emphasis night a year.