SJH Staff Directory

Administration Tanya J. Carrejo Principal    Contact Phone: 281.234.2706   

Administration Shelley Holcombe Assistant Principal - Student Support    Contact Phone: 281.234.2802   

Administration Marina Ealy Assistant Principal 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2741   

Administration Phillip Reed Assistant Principal 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2845   

Administration Matthew Byrd Assistant Principal 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2736   

Administration Jessica Young Administrative Assistant    Contact Phone: 281.234.2706   

Counselors Lisa Suchart Counselor - Student Support    Contact Phone: 281.234.2886   

Counselors Priscilla Quiroz 6th Grade Counselor    Contact Phone: 281.234.2850   

Counselors Ashley Stringfellow 7th Grade Counselor    Contact Phone: 281.234.2730   

Counselors Vanessa Burley 8th Grade Counselor    Contact Phone: 281-234.2795   

Administrative Office Staff Jennifer Cody Financial Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.2792   

Instructional Support Staff Naomi Guerrero ISS Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.2814   

Administrative Office Staff Diana Lopez 8th Grade Assistant Principal Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.2736   

Administrative Office Staff Jackie Narvaez Registrar/Counselors' Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.2765   

Administrative Office Staff Angela Parra 6th Grade Assistant Principal Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.2741   

Administrative Office Staff Kristie Staten 7th Grade Assistant Principal Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.234.2845   

Administrative Office Staff Claudia Valdez Attendance Clerk    Contact Phone: 281.234.2764   

Administrative Office Staff Stefany Wilson Receptionist    Contact Phone: 281.234.2700   

Clinic Tessa Gonzales Nurse, RN, BSN    Contact Phone: 281.234.2763   

Clinic Nidia Vasquez Clinic Aide, MA    Contact Phone: 281.234.2766   

Instructional Support Staff Kristin Bell Instructional Coach- Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.234.2733   

Instructional Support Staff Kathy Bloyd Instructional Coach - RLA    Contact Phone: 281.234.2733   

Instructional Support Staff Taylor Brunet Testing Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.234.2772   

Instructional Support Staff Tiffany Garcia EL Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.234.2771   

Instructional Support Staff Christina Gfell Instructional Coach-Science    Contact Phone: 281.234.2733   

Instructional Support Staff Allison Haehnel Librarian    Contact Phone: 281.234.2883   

Instructional Support Staff Isabel Katz Library Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.2879   

Instructional Support Staff Nikki Kram GT Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.396.2680   

Instructional Support Staff Brandi Leach Instructional Coach-Math    Contact Phone: 281.234.2759   

Instructional Support Staff Ryan Wilson Instructional Coordinator    Contact Phone: 281.234.2784   

Reading Language Arts Alyssa Childs Department Chair/RLA 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2828   

Reading Language Arts Leah Ball RLA 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2807   

Reading Language Arts William Bickley RLA 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2329   

Reading Language Arts Shonda Broxton RLA 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2820   

Reading Language Arts Lindsay Bui RLA 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2782   

Reading Language Arts Erika Clark RLA 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2823   

Reading Language Arts Cheryl Deutschman RLA Strategic Reading    Contact Phone: 281.234.2796   

Reading Language Arts LaToya Ervin RLA 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2803   

Reading Language Arts Destanee Evans RLA 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2774   

Reading Language Arts Wendy Faith RLA 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2774   

Reading Language Arts Diana Largaespada RLA 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2852   

Reading Language Arts Ivette Menendez RLA 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2825   

Reading Language Arts Tatiana Osorio RLA 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2842   

Reading Language Arts Caroline Pyron RLA 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2811   

RLA Oprah Stephens RLA 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2860   

Reading Language Arts Zoe Taylor RLA 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2810   

Reading Language Arts Angela Tell RLA 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2831   

Reading Language Arts Trisha Thomas RLA Strategic Reading    Contact Phone: 281.234.2889   

ESL Graciela Angeles ESL Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.2815   

ESL Donna Clark ESL    Contact Phone: 281.234.2815   

ESL Haley Herberger ESL    Contact Phone: 281.234.2815   

ESL Laila Ortega ESL    Contact Phone: 281.234.2815   

ESL Rebeca Serna ESL    Contact Phone: 281.234.2815   

ESL Zenia Valdivia ESL Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.2815   

Math Marcella Phillips Department Chair/Math 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2867   

Math Marissa Castillo Math 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2861   

Math Maggie Chandrapaul Math 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2819   

Math Sneha Dhariya Math 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2770   

Math Shanette Langs Math Academic Support 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2790   

Math Leean Lewis Math 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2827   

Math Monti Marquez Math 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2787   

Math Lauren Norris Math 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2881   

Math Thomas Ogarek Math 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2783   

Math Athena Rael Math Academic Support 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2790   

Math Gary Schottle Math 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2863   

Math Lauren Vincent Math 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2722   

Math Daniel Vincent Math 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2776   

Math Jennifer Wallace Math 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2709   

Science Heather Anderson Department Chair - Science 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2714   

Science Luis Diaz Science 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2798   

Science Rhaylyn Fisher Science 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2713   

Science Lisa Hall Science 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2861   

Science April Hanawalt Science 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2826   

Science Mauna Mazzola Science 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2824   

Science Precious Nguyen Science 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2717   

Science Sandy Therrien Science 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2851   

Science Kiara Thompson Science 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2800   

Social Studies Bridgette Calvit Dept. Chair/Social Studies 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2785   

Social Studies Tamara Babajide Social Studies 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2844   

Social Studies Shannon Bijowski Social Studies 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2817   

Social Studies Amber Billeau Social Studies 7th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2801   

Social Studies Kaitlyn Orechoneg Social Studies 7th    Contact Phone: 281-234-2735   

Social Studies Amanda Soh Social Studies 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2813   

Social Studies John Taylor Social Studies 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2805   

Social Studies Jeffrey Walsdorf Social Studies 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2864   

Social Studies Catherine Wiseman Social Studies 6th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2832   

Fine Arts George Liverman Department Chair/Band    Contact Phone: 281.234.2872   

Fine Arts Victoria Delgado Art    Contact Phone: 281.234.2719   

Fine Arts Kelsey Fruge Assistant Band    Contact Phone: 281.234.2880   

Fine Arts Rebecca Geyssens Orchestra    Contact Phone: 281.234.2875   

Fine Arts Mollie Moser Assistant Band    Contact Phone: 281.234.2753   

Fine Arts Arletha Qualls Art    Contact Phone: 281.234.2720   

Fine Arts Bryan Rivera Theatre    Contact Phone: 281.234.2816   

Fine Arts Kerianne Wright Choir    Contact Phone: 281.234.2780   

Electives Amber Allen LeadWorthy/Computer Applications    Contact Phone: 281.234.9848   

Electives Michael Chaudron LeadWorthy/Computer Applications    Contact Phone: 281.234.5281   

Electives Steve Dickerson Concepts of Engineering    Contact Phone: 281.234.2870   

Electives Amy Kelley Principles of Human Services    Contact Phone: 281.234.2778   

Electives Jessica Neal Spanish    Contact Phone: 281.234.2866   

PE/Athletics Joshua Harrison Campus Athletic Coordinator    Contact Phone: 281.234.2761   

PE/Athletics Quiana Hancock Assistant Athletics Coordinator    Contact Phone: 281.234.2716   

PE/Athletics Julie David Coach    Contact Phone: 281.234.2756   

PE/Athletics Lindsay Gammel Coach    Contact Phone: 281.234.2739   

PE/Athletics Michelle Moreno Coach    Contact Phone: 281.234.2725   

PE/Athletics Randy Woodring Coach    Contact Phone: 281.234.2762   

Special Education Amanda Cano Department Chair/Resource/In Class Support    Contact Phone: 281.234.2781   

Special Education Modeimi Ayala Resource/In Class Support    Contact Phone: 281.234.2803   

Special Education Charlene Batiste Dyslexia Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.234.2754   

Special Education Justin Bauman ICS Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.2743   

Special Education Polly Brock Dyslexia Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.234.2892   

Special Education Michele Cooper Resource/In Class Support    Contact Phone: 281.234.8246   

Special Education Duane Diagrepont In-Class Support/Math 8th    Contact Phone: 281.234.2818   

Special Education Giselle Green Resource/In Class Support    Contact Phone: 281.234.2853   

Special Education Valerie Guerrero SpEd Clerk    Contact Phone: 281.234.2735   

Special Education Cardelia Johnson Resource/In Class Support    Contact Phone: 281.234.2821   

Special Education Hope Kovalevskaya Speech Pathologist    Contact Phone: 281.234.2712   

Special Education Traci Landry Life Skills Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.2871   

Special Education Jesrick Levy Resource/In Class Support    Contact Phone: 281.234.2853   

Special Education Ashley Manuel RISE Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.234.2729   

Special Education Amanda Martinez ASIP Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.234.2751   

Special Education Madina McCants Resource/In Class Support    Contact Phone: 281.234.2757   

Special Education Aracely Olivarez Life Skills Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.2871   

Special Education Marlena Peavy Resource/In Class Support    Contact Phone: 281.234.2898   

Special Education Brittany Penrice Resource/In Class Support    Contact Phone: 281.234.2853   

Special Education Idania Perry Life Skills Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.2871   

Special Education Julie Pryor Resource/In Class Support    Contact Phone: 281.234.2726   

Special Education Anna Richard Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.234.2827   

Special Education Gina Rougeau Dyslexia Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.234.5056   

Special Education Katrina Rutledge ASIP Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.2808   

Special Education Nelly Salcedo ASIP Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.2768   

Special Education Diane Salinas ICS Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.2734   

Special Education Blanca Tellez Life Skills Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.2796   

Special Education Jessica Tillman ICS Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.9859   

Special Education Marshawn Walker Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.234.2871   

Special Education Jillian Williams ARD Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.234.2724   

Special Education Jasmine Williams Life Skills Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.2877   

Special Education Emily Wilson ICS Aide    Contact Phone: 281.234.8246   

Cafeteria Gabriela Sauceda Cafeteria Manager    Contact Phone: 281.234.2836