• ​​​Canvas Use at Tays Junior High​​​​​​​

    Canvas is a way to simplify teaching and learning by connecting all the digital tools teachers and students use for learning in one easy place​. Canvas offers a learning management system that integrates with our student information system so that teachers, students and classes are dynamically created.  Canvas allows students and teachers to stay connected anytime, anywhere, with any device.  Teachers like Canvas because they can post assignments and quizzes, facilitate discussions, provide videos, and share information.  Students like Canvas because they have a place to collaborate with their teachers and peers on discussions and submit digital assignments. Students access information in a modular format to make accessing course activities and information easy. Canvas integrates with many of our other tools so that students access them through Canvas.​

    How Do Parents Log In?

    You may log into Canvas as a parent at http://katyisd.instructure.com using your Home Access Center (HAC) username and password.  If you do not have a HAC username, please contact our campus registrar, Jane Taylor-Kaffka , at (281) 234-2499.

    Canvas Quick Start Guide

    How Do Parents Learn More About Canvas?

    You may learn more about the Parent Observer role in Canvas by visiting: https://help.katyisd.org/help/canvas-parent-user-guide