• Tays Clinic:
    We are here as healthcare providers in the school setting. To name a few of our duties: we assess and provide first aid for injuries, attend to emergencies, dispense medications needed during school hours, and promote safety and wellness for students, staff, and visitors. We value education and will encourage students to remain in school or class unless they have a communicable illness that prevents them from attending school per KISD policy.

    Clinic Procedures:
    Except in the case of emergency, students may visit the clinic only after obtaining a clinic pass from their teacher. If a student contacts his/her parent/guardian to be picked up, or make previous arrangements, the nurse cannot excuse their absence. Students leaving for home from the clinic must sign out in the appropriate attendance office and if driving, parental permission must be given to the nurse. Please be aware that if your child has multiple absences from school and is not showing signs of a communicable illness, their illness may not be excused by the nurse.

Health Services

  • 24 Hour Rule

  • Immunization Requirements

  • Medication Administration

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