About the Directors

  • Mr. Daniel Zavala

    Mr. Zavala is in his twelfth year as the Head Band Director at Cardiff Junior High School. He is a graduate of the University of Houston, where he holds a Bachelor of Music Education Degree. He also holds a Masters of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Texas-Arlington. Mr. Zavala instructs all beginner Woodwind and Percussion classes, as well as the Honors band.
    Prior to teaching at Cardiff, Mr. Zavala taught in the Spring Independent School District and Humble ISD.
    When not at CJH, Mr. Zavala enjoys spending time with his wife Lauren, their son Alden, their daughters Audrey, and Adley.

    Mr. Dan Brodt

    Mr. Brodt is in his sixteenth year at Cardiff Junior High. He currently instructs all beginner brass classes as well as the Symphonic band. In addition to his role as a band director, Mr. Brodt is also the fine arts department chair at Cardiff Junior High. Mr. Brodt is a graduate of Oklahoma City University, and holds a Master’s degree from the University of Houston. Mr. Brodt was named the CJH Teacher of the Year for the 2023-24 school year.

About the Bands

  • Honors Band
    The CJH Honors Band is the top performing ensemble at Cardiff Junior High School. Placement in the Honors Band is based on past performance, classroom discipline, workmanship and overall skill level. The Honors Band consists mostly of 8th grade students, with a few 7th grade members.
    All Honors Band students are required to attend one weekly after-school section rehearsal in order to strengthen their overall musical understanding, and further develop skills. Honors band students also perform at a variety of events, such as football games, pep rallies, musicals, elementary tours, concerts, contests, and various venues in the greater Katy area.
    The CJH Honors Band is directed by Mr. Zavala.

    Symphonic Band
    The CJH Symphonic Band is our intermediate performing ensemble. Much like the Honors Band, the CJH Symphonic Band also performs at many school functions. Students in the Symphonic Band share much of the same core content as the Honors Band, but presented at a different pace for more developing musicians. 
    CJH Symphonic Band members are expected to attend after-school section rehearsals once a week. The Symphonic Band also competes with many area middle schools and junior highs at the same level.
    The CJH Symphonic Band is directed by Mr. Brodt.


    Concert Band
    The CJH Concert Band is our entry level performing ensemble. This group performs at all concerts and pep rallies. The class is paced at a level where more focus can be given to developing and strengthening fundamental instrumental skills. Concert Band also competes at appropriate level competitions.

    CJH Beginner Band
    All first year band students start out as beginner band members. This is our training ground for the future start of the CJH Band program. As members of the Beginner Band, students learn the basics of reading music, the fundamental skills of playing an instrument, and what it means to be a member of a performing organization.
    Beginner Band members perform at 2 concerts annually, as well as one local competition. 
    The CJH Beginner band is open to all who seek to become a member of the CJH Band program!