Tutorial Bus Information

Tutorial Bus Information

Colt Parents & Community,


Tutorial Late Bus runs begin this coming Tuesday, September 5th. To help us in assisting your students to determine their tutorial bus run and modified bus stops, please review the following attachment with your child at home as a resource to prepare your child for staying for tutorials and knowing their routes and modified stops. 


Resource Guidance:
Page 1 includes all stops in a 2-column format for Tutorial Bus #1 and Tutorial Bus #2. Pages 3, 4 and 5 include the modified bus stops mapped out. Poster sized copies will also be placed around our school for additional support. Also, tutorial teachers, after school detention teachers, and study hall teachers have been provided this same resource to aid your child while at school. 

Bus Stops and Maps

Together, with all these layers, we will be successful in providing every student a safe ride home. Please contact Assistant Principal Tamara Meldahl with any questions.