Counselor Information

Counselor Information

Greetings Parents! We are so excited to have your students with us this year! Below you will find important updates.

Counselor Information: 

  • Ms. Polk- 6th Grade A-L / All 7th Grade
  • Mr. Morgan - 6th Grade M-Z / All 8th Grade

Schedules, Schedules, Schedules:

  • Schedules will be changing over the next two weeks, within reason. Please allow us time to get your students placed correctly.
  • Be sure to log into HAC to see the most up-to-date schedules. 
  • STAAR Scores have arrived! This will impact some of your student's elective choices. If you see a "Math Lab" or "Reading Elective," please know that these are state mandated intervention courses. These course are meant to help grow your student in a particular course area.
  • STAAR scores will be available online for Junior High, starting the first day of school.

The Cardiff Counselor Cheat: 

  • The attached documents are displayed in every classroom, explaining how to make an appointment and/or schedule changes. Please encourage your students to utilize the QR code to make their requests throughout the school year. 
  • Some students may not be sure how to come and see the counselor. These documents will also explain that process. 

Email & Phone Communication:

  • We are currently experiencing a surge in email and phone calls. It may take longer to follow up on communication. However, we are actively working on all requests. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. 

Counselor Cheat Sheet - English

Counselor Cheat Sheet - Spanish