• Students who are currently enrolled at OAC are prohibited from being on any Katy ISD property with the exception of the OAC campus during school hours.


    • Students cannot be on the OAC campus outside of school hours. OAC dismissal is at 2:20 every day. Students must be picked up and off OAC property promptly by 2:30 pm.


    • Students cannot attend Katy ISD sporting events or extracurricular activities, even if they are held in a different district.


    • Students may not use the playground, basketball courts, etc. at any Katy ISD property.  


    • Students can attend school sponsored events after they have been re-enrolled on their home campus.


    • Students cannot drive to school. They are prohibited from parking in the school parking lot, at the stadium, in the neighborhood, or at the nearby church.


    • If you are caught trespassing, you will receive an extension on your OAC placement and may face criminal charges.