Dress Code

  • Shirts 

    • High school students must wear one plain black collared (polo-style) shirt.
    • Junior high students must wear one plain navy collared (polo-style) shirt.
    • Elementary students must wear one plain white collared (polo-style) shirt.

    *All shirts must be free of designs, logos, emblems, etc. 

    • Undergarments must be short sleeves and not have any logos or designs. 
    • Only one (1) plain and solid colored undershirt may be worn at a time. 
    • Shirts must fit properly, not be oversized, not be too tight, and not be revealing. 


    •  Pullover sweatshirts must be solid black, white, gray, or navy with no hoods and no pockets. Sweatshirts must be free of designs, logos, emblems, etc.
    •  Students must wear a polo shirt that is within the dress code under their sweatshirt at all times. 


    • All students must wear khaki or black slacks with pockets that pull completely out in the front and back. Pants can only have two front pockets and two back pockets. No coin pockets or cargo pockets are allowed. Pants cannot contain rips or holes. Pants cannot have elastic or drawstrings on the waist or cuffs. 
    • No denim, leggings, jeggings, sweatpants, joggers, or athletic pants. 
    • Pants must fit properly, be worn at the waist (not below), and may not be tight, revealing, sagging or baggy.  
    • Only one undergarment, with no pockets, must be worn under your pants. Students may not wear extra shorts or pants under their slacks.


    • Belts are required to be worn and must be a white, black, navy, or gray football style belt (a canvas belt with D-Ring clasps). Belts must be worn through all belt loops and must remain on your pants at all times.


    • Close-toed tennis shoes with laces must be worn. Shoes cannot have any weapon, drug, or gang-affiliated logos. Shoes must be laced and always tied. No crocs, slides, sandals, slip ons, or boots are permitted.
    •  Socks (one pair) must be worn and must not have any designs, graphics, cartoons, or pictures. Socks must be solid black, white, navy, or gray.
    •  Accessories, Grooming, and Prohibited Items 
    •  Tattoos of an inappropriate nature must be covered. No tattoos that include weapons, drugs, gang affiliation, or racial connotations can be seen at any time. 
    •  Accessories are not permitted. No necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches, rings, body piercings, sunglasses, gloves, or headgear.
    •  You may not wear anything on your wrist, which includes scrunchies and hair ties. 
    •  Facial and body piercings are not permitted, including spacers. 
    •  Hair accessories are not permitted. This includes hair bows, scarves, ribbons, hair clips, extensions with metal, hair jewelry scrunchies, etc. 
    •  Nails must be natural (no acrylic, dip, shellac, etc.) and neatly groomed. No color or polish.
    •  Purses, wallets, make-up bags, book bags and backpacks are not allowed on campus.
    •  Makeup and accessories, perfume, chapstick, etc. cannot be brought to school. No pens or mechanical pencils.
    •  Students cannot bring a cell phone, smart watch, or any electronic device to school.
    •  Students do not need to bring money to school. If a student brings money, they will turn it in at check-in and it will be deposited in their lunch account.
    • Any article of clothing or grooming the principal or assistant principal determines is a safety issue or a disruption to the learning environment will be prohibited. 

     *If students bring prohibited items to school (including extra clothing), they will be confiscated, and a parent/guardian will need to come pick them up within 3 days. After the 3-day period, they will be discarded in accordance with KISD policy.