Student IDs

  • Student IDs

    Safety is a priority here at MRJH. The expectation is that all students have their Student ID picture on when they enter the building and the entire day. Early Release students need to keep their ID on until they exit the building for the day.  As it is very important for students to wear their picture ID, we are enforcing a new procedure regarding temp IDs. 

    • If you have lost or damaged your pictured Student ID and need a new one printed come to the library before school or during 1st period:
      • New IDs $4
      • New ID Protector Sleeve only $1.00
      • Plain lanyards $3
      • MRJH lanyards $5
    • Students must wear their ID above the waist, and it must be visible.  Students may no longer attach the ID to their backpack. Failure to comply will result in a consequence.
    • If the ID is cracked or has holes in it, it must be replaced with a new one.