• Cafeteria and Lunch Visitors:

    Every child will have a 30 minute lunch period each day. Parents are welcome to join their child for lunch. During lunch, children work on developing independence and social skills. Parents are encouraged to have lunch with their children no more than once a week. In order to come as a lunch guest, parents will need to sign up using our Signup Genius below. During the first three weeks of school, we ask that parents do not visit students for lunch as students are learning independence with routines and procedures. We will be ready for lunch visitors starting the week of September 11th. Parents must enter through the front office and obtain a Raptor badge by presenting required identification to the front office staff, no exceptions. All visitors must comply with this requirement before being allowed to enter the secure student area of the school.

    Due to space and safety concerns, lunch visitors are restricted to parents/step-parents/guardians, non-school aged siblings, and grandparents (with written permission from the parent). Visitors do not include aunts, uncles, or neighbors. Please also adhere to the following;

    • All parents are asked to remain in the cafeteria and MUST eat at the parent tables during their lunch.
    • Parents eating with their child may not visit other areas of the school and should not walk their child back to class or to the playground after lunch.
    • Parents are not allowed to bring food for other children when they visit for lunch and students cannot ask their friends to eat with their parents during lunch.
    • Please refrain from cell phones or other technology usage while visiting for lunch. Due to privacy issues outlined in FERPA, no photos/videos with cell phones or other electronic devices or cameras are allowed in the cafeteria per GKC (Regulation).
    • Glass containers are prohibited.
    •  Visitors who repeatedly disregard cafeteria expectations may lose the privilege of coming to the lunchroom.

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