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Katy Independent School District

​​PROP B Technology

  1. Why must Technology be listed on a separate proposition?
    Texas legislation requires school districts to have separate propositions for bonds that will fund construction or improvements for Technology, Natatoriums, Athletic Facilities and Performing Arts Facilities.  

  2. What is a Campus Retrofit?
    A campus retrofit involves upgrading old campus technology. Equipment older than 5, 6 or 7 years is replaced during a retrofit.  As part of a retrofit, classrooms receive a teacher laptop and a monitor, interactive panels for instruction, and the campus' standard ratio of devices to students in the classroom is increased to 50%.* Other areas of the campus such as the library, computer labs, offices, and the cafeteria receive new desktop computers. In addition, campuses receive document cameras, updated projectors for labs, and other necessary peripheral equipment including ID badge printers, Raptor printer/scanners, handheld scanners and some replacement printers. 

     *Early committee discussions considered a desktop for each classroom, though the committee's final recommendation was to increase the campus' standard ratio of devices to students by 50% of a​ school's enrollment to expand access to instructional resources in the classroom.

  3. When are retrofits completed?
    All retrofit installations are done after school hours with no interruption to the instructional day.  Training is coordinated with the Instructional Technology department so teachers, staff and students can take advantage of new technology soon after implementation.

  4. How are devices used in Katy ISD classrooms?
    Our teachers leverage classroom technology to teach foundational to complex concepts. Instructional laptops are used by our teachers to be mobile and flexible within and outside the classroom, as well as to support collaboration with their colleagues in online workspaces that support them in creating and designing lessons and activities.  Our teachers also use instructional laptops to grade students work by giving audio and video feedback as well as typing out responses to students. This is how grading  most often occurs in modern classrooms. SMART Boards or Interactive Panels, are used each day to teach.  Interactive panels allow students to actively participate in lesson delivery with a variety of ways to respond.  SmartBoard and interactive panels engage students with tools such as widgets that allow students to respond to actions and questions, and dynamic math tools to show changes to the formula when the graph, slope, or angle changes.
  5. Texas Education Agency and Online STAAR testing
    Texas Education Agency is transitioning to online testing.  Students will need devices in order to take the state online tests.  The benefit is that these same devices will also be used in our classrooms each day for active learning. 

    Encyclopedias, informational databases, video content, electronic books, and textbooks are all accessible through a computer device.  Without classroom devices, students will not have the devices to access these needed online resources. Our students not only need exposure to these technologies, but require technologies to create and be active learners.
  6. What is Technology Infrastructure?
    Infrastructure includes network switches, WiFi, servers, storage, cybersecurity systems and some Fiber Optic cabling.

  7. What do Infrastructure systems provide?
    Infrastructure systems provide the connectivity for everything from physical security such as access control, security cameras, burglar alarms, to building automation like air conditioning and lighting controls. These systems all rely on the technology infrastructure.

    But most importantly, the infrastructure supports the unparalleled learning in Katy ISD by providing reliable access to online resources such as Canvas, textbooks, and other research materials.  As the use of technology increases in our everyday lives, it has also increased in education.  Currently, Texas requires some students to take online assessments and in the near future will require all students to take online assessments.  The infrastructure will be critical in connecting all the devices necessary to accommodate the online testing.

  8. What about Cybersecurity infrastructure?
    Cybersecurity infrastructure such as Firewalls, micro segmentation, Denial of Service prevention, and immutable backups protect against the ever increasing threats such as ransomware. Additionally, the current pandemic highlights the need for resilient, secure, remote access infrastructure to accommodate the Katy virtual instruction and online learning.  The objective is to provide access to the learning environment from anywhere at any time.

    Katy ISD's current Technology Standard is a 30% ratio of devices to students per campus. The new retrofit standard increases to a 50% ratio of devices to students.

  9. What is the "Connected Teacher Learner Instructional Program?"
    The Connected Learner Teacher Instructional Program is a professional development initiative that allows a teacher to check out a laptop for a long-term instructional use.
  10. What happens to the old devices, i.e. can they be sold in a used market?
    Katy ISD technology that has reached its end of life cycle, or is non-repairable, is recycled by an outside recycling center. The center provides the District an inventory report that includes a description of the asset, its tag number, serial number as well as a certificate of erasure. Katy ISD is reimbursed with a profit share for any equipment that is refurbished or recycled for parts.

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