International Day

Volunteers Needed for International Day

International Day, a fully parent-run activity, is coming on Friday, April 21st.

Time: 8:20 am - 4:05 pm.

Breakfast and lunch for volunteers will be provided by PTSA.

All 6th grade students will walk through during their Social Studies time and taste some foods/snack/candy from a country. There are booths set up for each country or as many volunteers as we can get to represent the countries.

Please help share your country's heritage/experience with our students as they come and explore the world during their Social Studies periods. You can sign up for more than one country and represent one you are not that familiar with either! We have such a diverse community, so let's come together and show them our vast world!

We have trifolds for many countries with a few facts that will be provided, unless you'd like to create your own! Grab a friend or 2 and set up at a table. If you could provide a few items to share like a costume, trinket, dance, song, performers, etc. and possibly a bite-size snack/candy (400-450 bite-sized pieces) for an all around experience that represents your country, that would be fabulous!

Click here to sign up!