Counselor's Corner

Counselor's Corner

Verification for Course Selection

Hello, 5th grade parents,


It is now time to verify that your student’s course selections for 6th grade are correct! This will be your last opportunity to make any changes to your child’s course selections for 6th grade. On Monday, March 20th, you will receive a paper Course Verification Form along with detailed instructions on the verification process (attached). You will review the 6th grade courses listed to ensure all selections are correct. Your child should have English/Reading Block, Math, Science, Social Studies, PE, and one elective. The sheet will also note your child’s three alternate elective options in order of preference. If a change does need to be made, please cross out the incorrect course, write in the correct course, and sign the form on the parent signature line. If no change needs to be made, please still sign the form. All Course Verification Forms need to be returned to your child’s classroom teacher by Friday, March 24th. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. Please note that you MUST return the verification form by the due date of Friday, March 24th.




Cristina Figueredo, School Counselor


Hola padres de 5to grado,


¡Ahora es el momento de verificar que las selecciones de cursos de su estudiante para el sexto grado sean correctas! Esta será su última oportunidad de hacer cambios en las selecciones de cursos de su hijo para el sexto grado. El lunes 20 de marzo, recibirá un formulario de verificación del curso en papel junto con instrucciones detalladas sobre el proceso de verificación (adjunto). Revisará los cursos de sexto grado enumerados para asegurarse de que todas las selecciones sean correctas. Su hijo debe tener Inglés/Bloque de Lectura, Matemáticas, Ciencias, Estudios Sociales, Educación Física y una materia optativa. La hoja también indicará las tres opciones optativas alternativas de su hijo en orden de preferencia. Si es necesario realizar un cambio, tache el curso incorrecto, escriba el curso correcto y firme el formulario en la línea de firma de los padres. Si no es necesario realizar ningún cambio, por favor firme el formulario. Todos los formularios de verificación del curso deben devolverse al maestro de la clase de su hijo antes del viernes 24 de marzo. No dude en comunicarse conmigo si tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud. Tenga en cuenta que DEBE devolver el formulario de verificación para la fecha el viernes 24 de marzo.



Cristina Figueredo, Consejera Escolar



Hello Rhino Parents!

For the next 3 weeks, we will be focusing on the character trait: Perseverance. One way to think about Perseverance is “pushing yourself through challenges and obstacles.” We all experience challenges in our lives. We all have moments when we feel like we can’t do it or that we want to give up on a big task. It is important to develop tools that help us work through those challenges in order to grow in those moments instead of giving up. How might you practice Perseverance as a family this month?


Consistency is hard. Have each person in the family commit to 1 thing they will do each day this week. Maybe it is flossing, drinking a certain amount of water, getting to bed at a certain time, limiting screen time, or exercising. Create a place where each person can tally their progress and see who can keep their streak going the longest!