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Katy ISD Trustees Unanimously Approve 3% Teacher and Staff Pay Increase

KATY, TX [May 13, 2024] – During the May 13 Katy ISD Regular Board Meeting, Trustees unanimously voted to approve the district’s compensation plan for the 2024-25 school year, calling for a 3% pay increase from the mid-point for all teachers and staff.


“As we look at the numbers in this current year, and in looking ahead to the next fiscal year, there is good news - part of this comes from the underspending in our budget, alongside potential student gains from enrollment,” said Victor Perez, Katy ISD Board President. “All of which have the potential to wipe the projected deficit and generate a positive income for next year, before raises,” he added.


The Board's unanimous support underscores their dedication to recognizing the invaluable contributions of educators and staff in nurturing the academic growth and well-being of Katy ISD students.  


President Perez also noted that in an environment where inflation continues to be extraordinarily high, and where school districts are being forced to make difficult decisions, the ability to recognize and support teachers and staff remain of the utmost importance.