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Katy ISD Has the Largest Student Enrollment Gain Compared to Area School Districts

Among 15 school districts found within the Greater Houston area, Katy ISD continues to top the list with the largest number of student gains, 12,940 to be exact, since 2016.  During the November Board meeting, Population and Survey Analysts (PASA) presented its annual demographics update revealing that the rate of growth within Katy ISD boundaries continues at a steadfast level with a 14.6 percent change in student enrollment in the past five years. 

“Over the next 10 years, PASA projects 27,681 single-family units for Katy ISD, which is approximately 60 percent of new housing projections for the District,” said Kris Pool, a demographer with PASA.  “These occupancies are predominately in the northwest quadrant of the district where master-planned communities are projected for development through 2023,” added Pool. 

Additionally, over 17,000 multi-family occupancies are projected through 2032. To address the rapid growth taking place in the northwest quadrant of Katy ISD, demographers recommend additional elementary, junior high, and high schools in that area of the District.

Katy ISD has worked closely with PASA for several years to determine current and future student enrollment projections.  Growth estimates have aided Katy ISD when addressing overcapacity and campus enrollment.

Currently, Katy ISD has more than 92,500 students enrolled and is expected to serve 107,357 by 2032.