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The 81st Annual Katy ISD FFA Livestock Show is in the Books!

KATY, TX [February 19, 2024] – Katy Independent School District (Katy ISD) is excited to announce the commencement of the 81st annual Future Farmers of America (FFA) Livestock Show, an event that showcased the unwavering dedication, tireless effort, and exceptional agricultural abilities of Katy ISD students. This cherished tradition brings families and the community together, unified by their support as each spectator cheers loudly, honoring the students in the arena for their remarkable display of showmanship and hard work. 


Upon entering the Gerald D. Young Agricultural Science Center, one can’t help but to pause and bask in the excitement and energy all around you. Throughout the arena, students donned the customary FFA navy corduroy jacket with yellow embroidery, each one adorned with the FFA crest and school they attend along the back, with their name inscribed in cursive font on the front. It was a sight to behold and a wonderful additive that brought charm and formality all at the same time.


Gerald Young, Katy ISD FFA Events Coordinator and namesake for the facility hosting the event, emphasized the profound significance of the Livestock Show, stating, “The Livestock Show is not merely a showcase of remarkable animals; it reflects the deep dedication our students invest in nurturing them. Their responsibilities extend beyond the surface, demanding substantial time, care, and affection.” He further highlighted the students' resilience, noting their unwavering commitment even in challenging circumstances such as the harsh freeze experienced in mid-January.


FFA Preview


The journey to the Livestock Show began with the FFA Preview on October 6, 2023. Students participated in a selection process where they strategically chose the animals they would raise and eventually showcase at the Progress and Livestock Shows. With only two minutes to make their selections, students demonstrated thoughtful decision-making and strategic planning.


George Ullrich, a 9th-grade student at Cinco Ranch High School and Grand Champion in the swine category, shared insights into his selection process, emphasizing specific characteristics that he looked for. "I look for an animal that has a high back, good legs and backside, and good eyes. I also like to see them respond to the whip, which helps the animal show well at the competition.” With the 81st selection in the swine category, George's finish as Grand Champion is truly remarkable. It serves as a testament to his high-level showmanship and skill, evidenced by his ability to identify and showcase specific characteristics honed and displayed at the Livestock Show.



FFA Progress Show


The FFA Progress Show, held in December, marked a pivotal stage in the students’ journey. Here, participants had the opportunity to showcase their progress and refine their showmanship skills through category-specific judging. Sydney Herring, an 11th-grade student from Cinco Ranch High School, reflected on her experience, emphasizing the importance of empathy and adaptability in her approach.


"I realized how important it was to treat your animal with grace,” said Sydney. “The Progress Show was a great experience, and I learned how important it is to also get your animal out of their comfort zone. From that point on, I spent a lot of time training my steer with speakers playing, and my family would clap while we trained, simulating an environment that would be similar to the Livestock Show,” she added.


After finishing third in her class at the Progress Show, Sydney went on to earn first place in her class at the Livestock Show, showing the incredible improvement that can be made at the halfway point in the season with a lot of hard work and learning from the experience.


FFA Livestock Show


The grand finale unfolded last week at the 81st annual Katy ISD FFA Livestock Show, where students proudly presented the fruits of their labor. This event represents the culmination of months of meticulous preparation by each student, and they are presented with an amazing opportunity to showcase their finished product in a competition that crowns champions across categories that includes rabbits, broilers, goats, lambs, swine, steers, horticulture, floral and ag mechanics.


This event brought students, families, educators, and community members together in a celebration of agricultural excellence and community spirit while each participant eagerly awaited their moment to shine, aspiring to be crowned champions in their respective categories.


The Katy ISD community congratulates all participants for their outstanding achievements and extends gratitude to the organizers, volunteers, and supporters whose dedication made the FFA Livestock Show a resounding success.


2024 FFA Livestock Show Results:



  • Grand Champion: Samantha Weathers - Katy High School
  • Reserve Champion: Shea Rainosek - Cinco Ranch High School
  • Grand Champion Showman: Eva Bowdry - Seven Lakes High School
  • Reserve Champion Showman: Jan Betancourt - Cinco Ranch High School



  • Grand Champion:  Wyatt Moebes - Katy High School
  • Reserve Champion:  Jackson Lucas - Katy High School
  • Grand Champion Showman:  Amber Hall - Katy High School
  • Reserve Champion Showman:  Brandon Terrell - Katy High School



  • Grand Champion: Patrick Keener - Cinco Ranch High School
  • Reserve Champion: Maria Eduarda Lyra Paludo - Cinco Ranch High School
  • Grand Champion Showman: Samantha Skinner - Jordan High School
  • Reserve Champion Showman: Brady Zollinger - Tompkins High School



  • Grand Champion:  Siona Easterbrook - Paetow High School
  • Reserve Champion:  Karyss Kennedy - Paetow High School
  • Grand Champion Showman:  Shelby Landry - Taylor High School
  • Reserve Champion Showman:  Brooklyn Tijerina - Katy High School



  • Grand Champion:  George Ullrich - Cinco Ranch High School
  • Reserve Champion:  Nolan Kondra - Jordan High School
  • Grand Champion Showman:  Karlie Clay - Seven Lakes High School
  • Reserve Champion Showman:  Jake McDaniel - Katy High School



  • Grand Champion:  Landon Sturdevant - Cinco Ranch High School
  • Reserve Champion:  Jaeden Mortensen - Jordan High School
  • Grand Champion Showman:  Abigale Dildy - Taylor High School
  • Reserve Champion Showman:  Halie Johnson - Morton Ranch High School



  • Grand Champion:  Delany Bishop - Katy High School
  • Reserve Champion:  Katherine Hafling - Taylor High School


  • Grand Champion:  Madelyn Roxburgh - Taylor High School
  • Reserve Champion:  Kaitlynn Wallace - Taylor High School

Ag Mechanics:

  • Grand Champion:  Adan Escobedo, Zachory Foster, Brendan Lynch, Christopher Evora - Morton Ranch High School
  • Reserve Champion:  Aidan Lowers and Rainy Giles - Seven Lakes High School
  • Grand Champion Showman:  Adolfo (Sebastian) Peraza and Moises Cardenas - Morton Ranch High School
  • Reserve Champion Showman:  Tristan Gore, Joshua Jefrey, Hilton Mortensen - Taylor High School

Katy ISD extends heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated FFA students and acknowledges the invaluable support of the staff and families, whose commitment ensures the success of this time-honored event.


FFA Preview - Number Drawing - October 2023


FFA Progress Show - December 2023


Animals being cared for during winter freeze - January 2024


FFA Livestock Show - February 2024


FFA Livestock Show Photo Gallery