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Welcome back Katy ISD employees! 

Welcome to the Katy ISD Smart Restart Return to Work Guidelines for Staff. Through continued guidance from the State of Texas, the Texas Education Agency and local health authorities, the Return to Work guidelines will be regularly updated with increasing focus on staff safety and well-being. Together, the Katy Independent School District, is prepared for staffs’ safe return to work, and to welcome back students on Wednesday, August 19!

Please review Return to School Instructional Options, Phase 1 campus protocols and the revised bell schedules for the 2020-2021 school year.  Bell schedules are revised for this upcoming school year to ensure adequate time is provided to ensure buses are cleaned and disinfected between each bus trip.

The Smart Restart Return to Work Guidelines for Staff are effective as of Monday, August 3, 2020, and are outlined below.  Our students and staffs’ safety is first and foremost. Questions and concerns regarding the Return to Work Guidelines may be emailed to  Your feedback is important to us as we continue to prioritize our Return to School and Return to Work planning.  

Return to School:  Instructional Options

Governor Abbott has directed school districts to re-open for in-person instruction this fall, as well as offer parents the option for virtual instruction.  The Texas Education Agency (TEA) further mandated that in-person instruction follow a Monday through Friday schedule.  The Katy Independent School District will offer in-person learning with multiple safety protocols and COVID-19 prevention measures, and a virtual option via the Katy Virtual Academy.   Both options will follow the Board adopted 2020-2021 instructional year calendar.

Return to School: Phase 1 Campus (in-person) Protocols:

Schools are required to comply with the Governor’s executive order regarding the wearing of masks. In addition to the Governor’s executive order, TEA has provided school districts with guidance that can require the use of masks or face shields for adults or students for whom it is developmentally appropriate. To limit outside exposure for staff and students, the following Katy ISD Return to School “Phase 1” campus protocols are in effect through the end of the first six week secondary grading period (9/24/2020)  and nine week elementary grading period (10/15/2020). Phase 1 protocols will be reviewed and may be updated in preparation for the start of the next grading period. We appreciate your support for the Return to School Phase 1 Safety Protocol to ensure campus staff have the flexibility to distance students in common areas.

  • Facial coverings required for all district staff

  • Facial coverings required for students grades PreK through 12, to the extent it is developmentally appropriate

  • Instructional day temperature checks required for new enrollees and late arrival students

  • No outside food or gift deliveries will be accepted

  • Visitors, non-essential to school operations,  will not be given access to the campus including on the first day of school and during scheduled meal times

  • Parents/volunteers required to conduct campus visits by phone, virtual or by pre-scheduled appointment

  • No student field trips during the instructional day

  • No large group gatherings or events will be held during the instructional day or evenings 

Cafeterias & Food Service 

To minimize possible outside exposure and to allow for adequate physical distancing for students during meal times, Return to School Phase 1 protocols include no food/gift deliveries will be accepted and visitors non-essential to school operations will not be allowed on campuses or in cafeterias.  Phase 1 protocols will be reviewed at the end of each secondary and elementary grading period.

Nutrition & Food Service Protocols

  • Katy ISD Nutrition & Food Service staff use face shields, facial coverings and gloves when performing job responsibilities and are trained to practice health and hygiene regulations 

  • Katy ISD cafeterias are cleaned and disinfected daily 

  • Katy ISD cafeterias, serving and eating areas are cleaned between uses

  • Grab N Go carts are utilized as needed at designated campuses to minimize cafeteria lines, increase the speed of service and enhance social distancing 

  • Signage is located in cafeterias to reinforce social distancing  

Meal Service 

  • Students must wear ID at breakfast and lunch to ensure efficient scanning of ID for payment and minimize touching of ID by multiple staff 

  • Students must follow social distancing signage displayed on the walls and floor markers

  • Students may be directed to eat in various locations throughout the building, including classrooms, to maximize social distancing

  •  Parents are encouraged to use the Pay N’ Go mobile app to provide student meal money instead of sending cash to your child’s campus.  Pay N’ Go mobile app information is here

Cleaning Practices 

  • Campuses are cleaned throughout the instructional day with an emphasis on cleaning high traffic and multiple touch areas, including  door handles, restrooms, large group transition areas, cafeteria between meals

  • Hand sanitizer stations are located in multiple areas throughout the campus 

  • Transportation personnel disinfect school buses between runs 

  • Signage for proper hygiene practices is visibly posted at multiple locations 


Per TEA’s COVID-19 guidance regarding transportation, Katy ISD is implementing enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures between each bus trip. Therefore, additional time is now required between bus trips.  For the 2020-2021 school year, the instructional day start and end times have been adjusted to accommodate the enhanced hygiene protocols.  Please click on the Campus Directory for the revised 2020-2021 bell schedule.  Bus transportation is provided for eligible riders and every effort is made to ensure students are able to socially distance.   In addition, TEA encourages families to drop students off, carpool, or walk with their student to school to reduce possible virus exposure on a bus. 

The Human Resources Department will provide additional guidance regarding the revised start and end times for campus employees due to the 2020-2021 revised bell schedule.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department will provide additional guidance regarding the revised start and end times for campus employees due to the 2020-2021 revised bell schedule. 

Information about the Families First Coronavirus Act and COVID-19 Leave can be found:

Return to Work Guidelines:

Effective September 8, 2020

Effective September 8,  in alignment with the return of students to in-person instruction, Katy ISD staff are required to report to their assigned work site and follow required work guidelines to ensure compliance with state and local mandates.    Questions regarding the Return to Work Staff Guidelines may be directed to your supervisor, principal or emailed to  

Supervisor & Employee Guidelines:

  • All Katy ISD employees will report to their assigned work site on Tuesday, September 8 when in-person instruction resumes.

  • Employees will badge in to all Katy ISD work sites.

  • Employees with concerns regarding the return to their assigned work site will contact their Human Resource Leave Specialist.

Gloria Cerda


Lorrane Ponce


Ruth Sanchez Gaud 

  • Supervisors/Principals will ensure all  COVID-19 required guidelines are followed:

  1. Employees will conduct a self-screening for symptoms before arriving to work site. 

  2. Employees will not report to a work site if experiencing symptoms or pending the result of a COVID-19 test.

  3. Employees will wear a facial covering at all times when in the presence of other people and social distancing of 6 feet or more cannot be maintained.

  4. Employees will ensure COVID-19 protocols are followed when in-person meetings occur.

  5. Employees will clean and sanitize workspace before and after use.

  6. Employees will avoid contact with others’ workspaces

  7. Employees will limit sharing of supplies and equipment.

  8. Employees, when taking photos at a Katy ISD site, will wear a facial covering and follow all required COVID-19 protocol including social distancing.

  9. Employees will ensure breaks and meals are taken in isolation or limited to no more than four people within a designated location. Social distancing must be maintained at all times.

  10. Employees may no longer bring their children to their work site during the instructional day.  Campus employee with their children on site at the start or the end of the instructional day will isolate and monitor their children.   Questions can directed to the campus principal.

  11. No hand shaking, hugs, or close contact.

  12. Show respect, care and compassion for others in following the guidelines

COVID-19 Safety Information:  

What are the symptoms staff should screen for prior to arriving to assigned work site?
All staff are required to conduct a daily self-screening for symptoms prior to arriving to work.  The daily self-screening should include assessing for the following symptoms: 

  • Feeling feverish or a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit 

  • Loss of taste or smell 

  • Cough

  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath 

  • Headache 

  • Chills 

  • Sore throat

  • Shaking

  • Exaggerated shivering

  • Significant muscle pain or ache 

  • Diarrhea

  • Vomiting

What should an employee do if experiencing possible COVID-19 symptoms?

  1. Employee should not report to their work site if experiencing symptoms.

  2. Employee should notify supervisor/principal would not be able to report to work.

  3. Employee will report absence in Frontline (Aesop)

  4. Employee may email or call 281-396-7499 to schedule a COVID-19 test at a Katy ISD testing site.

What should an employee do if positive for COVID-19?COVID-19 Positice Self-Reporting

  1. Notify supervisor/principal of COVID-19 positive test result

  2. Submit a COVID-19 Positive Self-Reporting notification available via the Katy Cloud COVID-19 tile

  3. Coordinate reporting of absences with campus COVID-19 safety administrator and Kronos Manager.

  4. Contact your Human Resources Leave Specialist.

 What should an employee do if someone in the household tests positive for COVID-19 or other related COVID-19 concerns?

  1. Notify supervisor/principal of COVID-19 concern 

  2. If determined employee will not report for work, report absence(s) into Frontline (AESOP) 

  3. Refer to the FFCRA Employee Rights information available 

  4. Please contact your assigned Human Resources Leave Specialist for information

What is considered “close contact” when determined exposed to a COVID-19 positive staff member or student?
“Close contact” with an individual who is lab-confirmed to have COVID-19 is determined by:

  1. Being directly exposed to infectious secretions (e.g. being coughed on while not wearing a facial covering, mask or shield.

  2. Being within 6 feet for a cumulative duration of 15 minutes, while not wearing a facial covering, mask or shield. 

Human Resources Leave Specialist:

Gloria Cerda

Lorrane Ponce

Ruth Sanchez Gaud 

Will I be notified if an employee at my work site is positive for COVID-19?
Yes.  A general notification will be sent to staff at work sites in which a COVID-19 positive self-report occurred.  The notification will be sent by 5:00 p.m. on the day in which the self-report was submitted.  Employees that may have been directly exposed because of failed COVID-19 safety protocol will be notified directly by a member of the Risk Management Department.

General Notification by end of day: 

Dear (Name of Site) Staff,

This is a general notification that the District has been informed that an individual at Legacy Stadium tested positive for COVID-19.  any staff or students determined to have been directly exposed to that individual will receive an additional notification from the District and their administration and/or supervisor. 

All Katy ISD facilities continue to operate within COVID response guidelines aligned with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and the University Interscholastic League (UIL) recommended guidance. However, out of an abundance of caution, the District will thoroughly clean, disinfect and inspect all potentially exposed areas and equipment, as well as all common areas around Legacy Stadium.

Anyone who believes that they may have been potentially exposed to COVID-19 is advised to monitor their health, follow the CDC guidelines for people who have been potentially exposed to the virus, and contact their personal physician if any symptoms develop.  

The District is continuing to monitor this situation and will provide additional information as needed.   

If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call 281-396-7499.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate the challenges that may arise from circumstances concerning this public health crisis. 

Katy ISD 

Where is the Katy ISD testing site?


Ag Science Center
5801 Katy Hockley Cut-Off Rd
Katy, TX  77493


Whom do I contact with questions about the testing site and availability of tests?

Employees may contact Mrs. Crystal Janczak at 281-396-7808 or email

Who is eligible to test?
Beginning on August 13 the District testing site will be open for occupational and non-occupational exposures. Testing availability is first come first serve and no appointments needed.  However, employees wanting to test due to non-occupational exposure are encouraged to contact the site in advance of arriving to ensure availability of test kits.  Employees referred to the testing site due to on-site work exposure will take precedence.

What is the cost for COVID-19 testing?
There is no cost for COVID-19 testing for employees or employee dependents on the Katy ISD health plan.

Who are the testing providers?

  • Katy ISD is collaborating with RediMD and UTMB – Galveston.

  • Employees on the Health Plan may seek virtual care via RediMD free of charge.

  • Employees who are not on the Health Plan may seek virtual care via RediMD for a $50 office visit charge.

Testing Site Hours:
Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Saturday 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Important Contact Information 

  • Maintenance and Operations: 281-396-3714 
    • Emergency line for M/O issues during the school day

  • SSAC (Safety and Security Analysis Center): 281-396-2000 
    • Alarm system and building entrance issues 

    • After hours maintenance issues/emergencies 

  • Katy ISD Police Department: 281-237-4000 
    • Emergencies during the day and after hours 
  • Risk Management: 281-396-2642
    • Questions Related to Workers’ Compensation/COVID-19 Exposure  

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