​Maurice Wolfe

  • In 1961, the Addicks School District was divided among the Katy, Spring Branch and Houston ISDs. The single school remained in Katy ISD, led by principal Maurice Wolfe, who had taught there since 1949 and served as superintendent of the Addicks district for several years. Eight years later, Addicks Elementary moved into its third home, this one on Addicks-Howell Road. In 1985, encouraged by a group of parents, the Board of Trustees renamed the school in honor of

    Mr. Wolfe, who retired from Katy ISD the next year. Mr. Wolfe’s legacy remains strong in his namesake school. Long-time teachers, former students and parents described him as being “totally childcentered.”

    His philosophy, as one recalls, was “We’re here for the children. They’re not here because we are.” He knew it was necessary to reach out to each individual child, find his or her inner light, and make it shine brightly. Through six ensuing principals, that focus has never wavered. Following Mr. Wolfe’s lead, the school has long been characterized as being welcoming, highly family-oriented and supportive of every child. A former student, who now teaches at Wolfe, remembers that – like today -- the entire staff knew individual children; she fondly recalls that the custodian pushed kids on the swings during recess. An active Parent-Teacher Organization has been an important part of that formula throughout the years; their long list of contributions to the school in 1985 included library books, drinking fountains, a first grade science unit and an Apple IIE computer.

    In 2009, Wolfe Elementary marked the building’s 40th anniversary with a celebration headlined by a visit from its namesake, who still substitute-teaches near his home in McAllen, Texas. Students unearthed a time capsule buried in 1989 and assembled a new one scheduled to be opened in 2029.