• Parent Resources​

    Parent and Student Digital Resources & Support

    MyKaty Cloud
    MyKaty Cloud is the location for students to begin accessing their textbooks and Katy ISD applications. URL: https://mykaty.katyisd.org/

    Be sure to enable WebPass - this is an important step to ensure you are authenticated to other Katy ISD applications.
    There are many library resources available to students. To see the list, visit the Library Resources List

    Need Help?
    Students: Go to MyKaty Cloud (see above) and search for "Knowledge Base" to be taken to a site where you can search for help articles. You can also access via this URL: https://help.katyisd.org

    Password Help: Contact your teacher via email or complete the Parent Tech Help form below.

    Device checkouts

    If the student does not have a device, one can be checked out to them. Contact the campus to request an appointment to come to the student's campus and pick up the device. An appointment must be requested 24 hours in advance, you will receive an email with your confirmed appointment date.

    Online Platforms for Students

    Teachers may use the following online platforms to deliver lessons:


    Can be accessed by Students and Parents through Mykaty

    Multiple students sharing one device: this help article will assist with ensuring each student is able to log into applications with their own unique profile.

    Need Internet Access?
    If you have at least one child receiving free or reduced school lunches, your family may qualify for an affordable home internet service through Comcast or AT&T. For more information, check with the district website or visit the following sites:

    ●      Internet Essentials from Comcast

    ●      Access from AT&T

    MDJH Newsletter

    The newsletter is delivered to your email on file once a week to inform you of upcoming events and important dates.  If you are not receiving the newsletter, please contact the office and make sure your current email address is on file with us.


    Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) that allows teachers to provide instructional support, class calendars, assignments and resources for students in a safe online environment.  For traditional face to face classes, Canvas is a integral part of sharing blended classroom instruction.   All Canvas courses are developed by Katy ISD and are aligned to the Katy ISD Curriculum including the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). 

    Below are the features available to parents. Please note that not all courses use all features. 

    • Set your Notifications
    • View the Dashboard
    • View the course Syllabus
    • View Assignments
    • View Canvas Grades
    • View the Calendar
    • Communicate with the teacher​
    • Learn more on how to access Canvas.

    Download the Katy OnTheGo Mobile App

    • See all the district level news feeds
    • Select which school(s) you wish to follow
    • View your child's grades, assignments, attendance record and cafeteria balance
    • You can set up alerts for: 
      • Any time a new message is sent
      • When your child's class grades drop below a certain threshold
      • When your child's assignment grade drops below a certain threshold
      • When your child's grade has been updated by the teacher
      • When your child's teacher has posted a new assignment