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Katy Independent School District

Digital Citizenship

​​​​Digital Citizenship for Elementary Students

​Be Upsta​nding

What is an upstander? An upstander…

  • is not directly involved in the cyberbullying incident, but steps in to help anyway.

  • empathizes with the targets of cyberbullying, letting them know that they care and are listening.

  • does not spread rumors or go along with cyberbullies because of peer pressure, and may even tell the cyberbully to stop.

  • encourages the target to tell a trusted adult about the situation.​​

​​Whose Is It Anyway?

You are a creator. You post comments, you write in blogs, you post pictures and videos. People often put their names on their work showing they created it. How would you feel if someone pretended that your work was theirs? You must remember that feeling when you are using other's work as well.

The internet makes it easy to copy the work of others, but doing so and claiming that it is your work is called plagiarism. Plagiarism is cheating and is against school rules.


Etiquette means rules for polite behavior. Being polite online is just as important as it is when you are talking to someone face to face.  Here are some guidelines.

  • Double-check before you hit send  Kind words are the best.

  • Take the high road  Do not respond to negative remarks.

  • Grammar Rules  An online comment or a note to a teacher - should represent your best self.

  • Positive Posts  Photos, texts, and videos can be posted, copied, forwarded, downloaded, and edited in the blink of an eye. Ensure you are posting the best about yourself and others.

  • Screen Names, Usernames, & Email   Speak with your parent or teacher to ensure the best name is selected.  Full names should not be disclosed.

  • Remember the Golden Rule Don't say something online that you wouldn't say to someone's face. If you do have something negative to say, discussing it in person is a better way to resolve your issues.



Staying Safe Privacy Rules

What you do online is there for the world to see. It is important to protect your privacy and keep personal information off of the internet. That funny picture or rude comment may follow you until you are older. Here are some tips:

  1. Never share your full name, address, phone numbers, or birth dates.

  2. Passwords must NEVER be shared, even with best friends

  3. Protect your friend’s privacy too. Don’t post their pictures or tag them without permission.

  4. Do not fill out forms for free giveaways, offers or contests.

  5. Anything that seems “too good to be true” probably is.

  6. Do not respond to threatening messages or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

  7. People online may not be who they seem to be. Someone who says they are a kid, may not be.

  8. Always tell a parent or teacher about any communication that was scary or content that is inappropriate.


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