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Katy Independent School District

Utility Conservation

​Energy Saving Tips

Turn Off Lights! Interior lights are to be turned off when a space is unoccupied. Lighting is approximately 45% of the energy consumed at the facilities.  Schools can save from 8-20% of lighting energy simply by turning off lights in unoccupied rooms.

Keep Doors Closed! Propping open doors wastes energy and affects the humidity in the building.

Don’t Use Portable Heaters! Portable heaters not only consume a lot of electricity, they put an unnecessary load on the electrical system and create a fire hazard. If you do not feel that your room is adequately heated, contact the Maintenance department. There may be a mechanical problem.

Report Burned Out Light Bulbs! Burned out fluorescent light bulbs waste energy. If a bulb is burned out, have the custodian replace the bulbs in the fixture. Report fluorescent lights with blackened ends.

Report Unusual Situations! After hour’s air conditioning operation, unnecessary lights on, sprinklers watering parking lots or anything you see as wasteful should be reported to the Utility Conservation Manager so it can be corrected.

Benefit From Window Shading Devices! If your classroom has some type of window shading device such as mini-blinds, take advantage of the sun on cold winter days by leaving them open to allow natural light and radiant heat to warm the room. Conversely on hot days, leave blinds closed to reflect the radiant heat outside, reducing air conditioning loads.

Reservations! Reserve only for the time needed. The reservation department will set the schedule to assure necessary cool down time. If an after-hours event is cancelled, contact the reservation department to cancel the air. When it makes sense, try to coordinate multiple events so they can be scheduled together.

Every person can be an Energy Saver as well as an Energy Consumer.

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