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University-based programs in Texas

    • These programs are usually delivered as a part of a baccalaureate degree program. They must include general education, academic specialization and a teacher education component. The latter requires actual experience in public school classrooms. These programs are offered by more than 70 colleges and Texas universities. Most universities have programs designed to certify people who already hold a bachelor's degree and want to obtain teacher certification.  These programs may vary by institution.
    • Graduates of a Texas university who have completed all requirements for teacher certification should contact their university for instructions on applying for a Texas teaching certificate.

Educational Preparation Programs

    • Some institutions and company's have been approved by TEA to operate educational preparation programs.   These programs may involve university coursework, or other professional development experiences, as well as intense mentoring and supervision during the teacher's first year in the role of an educator. 
    • For additional information on available programs, please visit and select "Becoming a Texas Teacher."

 Out of State Certification

    • Persons holding an out-of-state certificate can be hired by a Texas school district.  Apply online at and click on "Texas Educators", then "Certification." Complete an online application for a review of credentials, request a one-year Texas teaching certificate, and request a fingerprint card.  You must also submit a copy of the out-of-state certificate and official transcripts from all colleges attended, along with the applicable fee to the Texas Education Agency (TEA).  TEA will inform the teacher what the next steps are to gaining Texas certification.  
    • Persons who have an out-of-country certificate must meet the requirements in the above paragraph.  In addition, the applicant's foreign transcripts must be evaluated by a TEA-approved evaluation service.   Out-of-country certificate holders must have U.S. work authorization before TEA will complete a review.


  • Health Insurance - Katy ISD offers many health insurance plan options for every benefit-eligible employee. Employees must pay the premium for any coverage desired for family members and a portion of the premium for self-coverage. An employee on leave of absence may keep insurance programs in force through the district by the regular monthly payment of premiums.

  • Life Insurance - Katy ISD also provides an option to purchase a variety of increments of life insurance through payroll deduction.  Life insurance for dependents can be purchased through payroll deduction. An employee on leave of absence may retain life insurance programs in force through the district for a limited period of time by the regular monthly payment of premiums.

  • Optional benefits including dental, vision, cancer, disability and personal legal are available.

  • Optional Retirement Savings - All employees of Katy ISD are eligible to participate in optional retirement savings programs to supplement their retirement. Under federal laws, contributions to the plans are not taxable until withdrawn, usually at retirement, and the employee enjoys a tax-deferred savings plan.

  • Specific benefit details can be found at or by calling 1.866.222.KISD.

Recognition and Awards

  • Awards are presented yearly for Katy ISD service on the basis of 5, 10, 20, and 30  years.  Upon an employee's retirement through TRS, due recognition is given by the district. For those employees with a minimum of five years of service, a special gift is awarded upon retirement through TRS.

Staff Development

  • The district offer multiple sessions for new Katy ISD teachers to ensure a smooth transition into the classroom and the district.  The sessions include: classroom management; instructional methodologies and strategies for teaching and learning.

  • The district's Mentoring Program brings the on-going guidance and counsel of master teachers to new teachers.

​​Student Transfers

Teacher Retirement System of Texas

  • All Texas public school employees are automatically enrolled in the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) of Texas. The TRS program is based on an employee's participation with a percent of their gross salary.  The state then adds an additonal amount to the employees retirement.  
  • Membership in TRS is a condition of employment for all full-time, and most part-time, employees of Katy ISD. Members who permanently terminate their Texas public school employment may withdraw all payroll deposits with interest. TRS care contributions are not refundable and do not draw interest. Forms for withdrawal of deposits are available from the Payroll Department.
  • Each fall, TRS members are provided with a statement of account showing deposits for the year ending August 31, and the total amount in the account. These statements are mailed directly from Austin; therefore, it is imperative that the employee's address be kept current.  You may also access your account information on the TRS Web site (
  • An employee approaching retirement must create an application with the Teacher Retirement System of Texas and follow the procedure accordingly. Additional information and a TRS Handbook can be downloaded from the TRS Web site (
  • TRS offers more than just an annuity for retirement years.  There are several options for retirement benefits and for death and survivor benefits. For answers to specific questions regarding benefits, contact TRS at 1-800-223-8778. It goes to work immediately to offer the employee the following provisions:
    • Death benefits for the family should the employee die before retirement.
    • Disability retirement should the employee become permanently disabled.
    • Guaranteed return on deposits, with interest, even if an employee permanently terminates employment.
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in its educational programs and/or activities, including career and technology programs, nor in its employment practices
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