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Katy Independent School District

Athletic Department

​​​​​​​​Campus Contacts

Adams Junior High

Kyle MuellerAthletic Coordinator281.234.3480
Brittny ThomasAssistant Athletic Coordinator281.234.3481

Beck Junior High

Kristi CornAthletic Coordinator281.237.3409
Scott RadkeAssistant Athletic Coordinator281.237.3413

Beckendorff Junior High

Amy AdamsAthletic Coordinator281.237.8835
Anthony EscamillaAssistant Athletic Coordinator281.237.8823

Cardiff Junior High

Alex BartonAthletic Coordinator281.234.0641
Robin WaakAssistant Athletic Coordinator281.234.0724

Cinco Ranch High School

Chris DudleyAthletic Coordinator281.237.7070
Suzanne ReeveAssistant Athletic Coordinator281.237.5224
RaeNelle BelchAthletic Secretary281.237.2472
Bennett JohnsonAthletic Trainer281.237.5293
Amy DietzAssistant Athletic Trainer281.237.5049

Cinco Ranch Junior High

Anabell PinedoAthletic Coordinator281.237.4645
Trey NimtzAssistant Athletic Coordinator281.237.4644

Haskett Junior High

Dwight BonnerAthletic Coordinator281.234.3723
Shanna CanalesAssistant Athletic Coordinator281.234.3726

Jordan High School

Mike RabeAthletic Coordinator281.234.9025
Jennifer VadenAssistant Athletic CoordinatorTBA
Marcie ImpastatoAthletic SecretaryTBA
Lashelle BrownHead Athletic TrainerTBA
Kate ComeauxAssistant Athletic TrainerTBA

Katy High School

Gary JosephAthletic Coordinator281.237.1858
Dianne LoftinAssistant Athletic Coordinator281-237-1875
Sandy CarpAthletic Secretary281-237-1758
Edward SmithHead Athletic Trainer281.237.1868
Russell SadberryAssistant Athletic Trainer281.237.1922

Katy Junior High

Rhett MiddlebrookAthletic Coordinator281.237.8202
Amanda WeeseAssistant Athletic Coordinator281.237.2709

Mayde Creek High School

J JensenAthletic Coordinator281.237.3043
Jill VossAssistant Athletic Coordinator281.237.3836
Leona FloresAthletic Secretary281.237.3828
Chris WhittenHead Athletic Trainer281.237.3098
Emily OrellanaAssistant Athletic Trainer281.237.3802

Mayde Creek Junior High

Michael JonesAthletic Coordinator281.237.0010
Michelle BaldwinAssistant Athletic Coordinator281.237.9121

McDonald Junior High

Beatrice AnzalduaAthletic Coordinator281.237.5340
Khari LongAssistant Athletic Coordinator281.237.4204

McMeans Junior High

Randy DennisAthletic Coordinator281.237.8063
Brooke StowersAssistant Athletic Coordinator281.237.8078

Memorial Parkway Junior High

Sandra BickelAthletic Coordinator281.237.5834
Matt WickleinAssistant Athletic Coordinator281.237.5933

Morton Ranch High School

Ron CounterAthletic Coordinator281.237.7813
Kisha JonesAssistant Athletic Coordinator281.237.7907
Vanessa ShellAthletic Secretary281.237.7920
Alex SongHead Athletic Trainer281.237.7894
Elicia BlackAssistant Athletic Trainer281.237.7979

Morton Ranch Junior High

Phillip SolizAthletic Coordinator281.237.7462
Taqueta BraxtonAssistant Athletic Coordinator281.237.7511

Paetow High School

B.J. GotteAthletic Coordinator281-234-4941
Stacey StromanAssistant Athletic Coordinator281-234-5019
Miriam StewartAthletic Secretary281-234-4941
Rudy LazarHead Athletic Trainer281.234.5020
Laura WillcoxAssistant Athletic Trainer281.234.5018

Seven Lakes High School

Jimmy HamonAthletic Coordinator281.237.2840
Angela SpurlockAssistant Athletic Coordinator281.237.2928
Susan HamlynAthletic Secretary281.237.2940
Sean MayHead Athletic Trainer281.237.2879
Elizabeth WagnerAssistant Athletic Trainer281.237.2931

Seven Lakes Junior High

Caitlin RolensAthletic Coordinator281.234.2145
Nick BaroshAssistant Athletic Coordinator281.234.2141

Stockdick Junior High

Randy WoodringAthletic Coordinator281-234-2762
Morgan SheltonAssistant Athletic Coordinator281.234.2754

Taylor High School

Chad SimmonsAthletic Coordinator281-237-9296
Brooke PlemonsAssistant Athletic Coordinator281.237.3197
Lynda GardnerAthletic Secretary281.237.4421
Anjanette KoenigHead Athletic Trainer281.237.9269
Daniel YoungAssistant Athletic Trainer281.237.9270

Tays Junior High

Jennie MillerAthletic Coordinator281.234.2423
Bryan BlakeAssistant Athletic Coordinator281.234.2426

Tompkins High School

Todd McVeyAthletic Coordinator281.234.1040
Tammy RayAssistant Athletic Coordinator281.234.1130
Patty MartinezAthletic Secretary281.234.1041
Dallas AllmonHead Athletic Trainer281.234.1333
Brittney MitchellAssistant Athletic Trainer281.234.1134

West Memorial Junior High

Chuck DycusAthletic Coordinator281.237.4841
Rotavia ArmstrongAssistant Athletic Coordinator281.237.6438

WoodCreek Junior High

Todd LighterAthletic Coordinator281.234.0841
Lauren DeForkeAssistant Athletic Coordinator281.234.0818

TEA District"A"  Rating
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