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Katy ISD 5th Grade Gifted & Talented Screening DeadlineKaty ISD 5th Grade Gifted & Talented Screening Deadline2021-09-02T19:14:31Z<div class="ExternalClass8D54826A8B3B4480BD7F27D2A0848A84"><p> Gifted and Talented (GT) screenings for incoming secondary students will soon begin at Katy Independent School District.  Students currently in fifth grade who are not identified as part of the elementary Challenge Program have the opportunity to be screened for GT program services, at the secondary level.</p><p><br>If parents would like to refer their child for secondary GT screening they must complete a <a href="/dept/GT/Documents/Secondary%20Parent%20Checklist%20-%20(English).pdf">Secondary Parent Checklist</a> in English or <a href="/dept/GT/Documents/Secondary%20Parent%20Checklist%20-%20(Spanish).pdf">Spanish</a> and return it to their child's elementary campus by <strong>September 22, 2021</strong>.<br><br></p><p style="text-align:justify;">“Gifted and talented education programs provide a variety of academic and social options for students who are advanced learners," said Katy ISD Director of Gifted, Talented and Advanced Academic Studies, Dr. Joan Otten.  <br><br></p><p style="text-align:justify;">Secondary gifted program options are available in English Language Arts & Reading, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.  Students may be screened at their current campus in October and November in any or all of these content areas.  Parents will be notified of the placement decision by U.S. mail in January 2022.  Students who qualify for the GT program will begin the program in the fall of their sixth-grade year.  <br><br></p><p style="text-align:justify;">Contact the Challenge teacher at your child's elementary school if you have additional questions. </p><p style="text-align:justify;"><br></p><p style="text-align:justify;">Information was distributed to parents of KVA students via e-mail on August 26th. Parents of KVA students should fill out <a href="">this form​</a> to have their child screened. Parents of face-to-face students should contact the Challenge Teacher on their campus directly. <br></p><p><br></p></div>
Katy ISD Kindergarten Gifted & Talented Screening DeadlineKaty ISD Kindergarten Gifted & Talented Screening Deadline2021-09-02T19:13:17Z<div class="ExternalClassE3211F12934847308930EB03EBE686A6"><p><span style="text-align:justify;">Parents of kindergarten students in Katy Independent School District who would like their child to be part of the Challenge (Gifted and Talented, GT) program may refer them for screening.  This week, kindergarten parents will receive information detailing how to refer a student.  Referral information can also be found in the </span><a href="" style="text-align:justify;">Katy ISD GT and Advanced Academics website</a><span style="text-align:justify;"> and is due on </span><strong style="text-align:justify;">October 1, 2021.</strong><span style="text-align:justify;"> </span><br></p><p style="text-align:justify;">“The State of Texas defines a gifted and talented student as a child or youth who performs or shows the potential for performing at a remarkably high level of accomplishment when compared to others of the same age, experience or environment," said Katy ISD Director of Gifted, Talented and Advanced Academic Studies Joan Otten. “The Katy ISD Kindergarten Program emphasizes the development of critical and creative thinking skills," added Otten.<br></p><p style="text-align:justify;">Kindergarten services will begin the week of March 1, 2022 and will include students attending a Challenge classroom for 60 minutes a week.  Students identified in kindergarten move into the elementary pullout program in first grade.  Parents with questions can contact the counselor at their child's campus or the campus Challenge teacher.​<br></p><p style="text-align:justify;">​Parents of students who are referred and screened will receive placement notification during the week of February 21, 2022.  Kindergarten GT Parent Information presentation will be available on our website by September 14, 2022.​​ </p><p style="text-align:justify;"><span style="font-size:14px;text-align:justify;">Information was distributed to parents of KVA students via e-mail on August 26th. Parents of KVA students may complete<a href=""> this form​</a> to have their students screened. Parents of face-to-face students should contact the Challenge Teacher on campus.</span>​<br></p></div>

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