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GT and Advanced Academics



Is “GT” more work?

  • GT students should not receive assignments “in addition to” the standard assignments, but may receive assignments “in lieu of” the standard assignments. Replacement assignments are typically more open ended and flexible in the w​​a​y students demonstrate their learning.

I understand that most GT secondary students are clustered in KAP classes.  What is the advantage of GT identification in that situation?

  • GT identification is designed to address the particular educational needs of the gifted learner.
  • The teacher must have 30 hours of GT training.

  • The teacher is aware of the GT identification and can address unique needs of gifted learners in that class.

  • GT students are part of a learning community that can help meet their social/emotional and intellectual needs.

  • A cluster of GT students in a class creates a unique dynamic in the classroom that is evidenced by the dialogue and the depth of the conversation in the class.

Is it advisable to take all KAP/GT classes?

  • It depends on the strengths and interests of the individual child. Students who demonstrate mastery on grade level assessments should participate in advanced coursework.

What if my child is not identified as GT in all content areas?

  • Students may enroll in KAP classes or appropriate academic classes. Screening for GT service in additional areas takes place in the spring each year with requests received in the Fall. All requests must be received by the due date published on the Katy ISD website.

My child is approved for a GT course for next year, but we decided not to enroll in that course that grade.  Can my child enroll in that GT course in the next grade?

  • No.  The student will receive a GT Formal Exit notification for that content area. The student will have to be screened for that content area during the spring screening window in the next school year for service in the following school year.  


If my child takes KAP World Geography during the summer, do they take a different Social Studies course their freshman year?

  • Students who take KAP World Geography in summer school may not have a social studies option during the school year the freshman year. Students who are identified as GT in Social Studies should opt for the GT course which is AP Human Geography GT which is offered during the school year only. Taking KAP World Geography at any time would mean a formal exit from GT Social Studies.  

Can you take AP Human Geography even if you are not identified as GT? 

  • Yes, AP courses are available for students that demonstrate success on associated state assessments and are willing to make a commitment to advanced academics.

What is the difference between 9th grade AP Human Geography and AP Human Geography (Semester)?

  • The full year course will meet the graduation requirement for one year of social studies. The one semester course does not. The one semester course is for elective credit only. Refer to the Katy ISD course catalog for course descriptions and more information.

If my child has yet to be screened for GT Social studies, what course would you select?

  • KAP courses or AP courses that are not GT

Is KAP World History available in summer school? 

  • No


What is the benefit of KAP? Does it help with College Admission?

  • KAP is the Advanced Academic program for Katy ISD. These courses are designed to prepare students for AP courses in high school. Admissions officers do consider whether students challenge themselves in high school by taking advanced courses such as AP. 

Does KAP potentially result in a higher GPA?

  • KAP classes at the high school level are weighted courses which means that an A receives 5 points instead of 4 for the academic course.

What is the difference between KAP and KAP/GT for a student already in KAP?

  • All courses labeled KAP are advanced academics courses that provide above grade level instruction and content. The courses designated as GT are courses that are taught by GT trained teachers, GT students are clustered into t​hese courses to create a GT learning community. The curriculum is the same for both, but teachers can adjust instruction to meet the educational needs of the students.

How do I find out about Course Options?


Is KAP/GT Geometry available in summer school? 

  • KAP Geometry is available for rising sophomores (Students who took Algebra I in ninth grade).
  • KAP/GT is not available in summer school.


Once identified as GT will my child have to rescreen every year?

  • No. Students remain in the program as long as they experience success in the program.

What does it mean to furlough GT content area?

  • If you receive a furlough in any content area then the student is currently not receiving services in GT for that content area, but is still eligible to receive GT services the next academic school year. Furloughs occur for 3 reasons: A scheduling conflict, academic difficulties, or health reasons.

What initiates a Formal Exit from GT?

  • Parent/Student Request to exit
  • Campus Selection Committee Decision based on student performance
  • Parent/Student Choice of a course that is not the GT course option

Can you get your GT designation back for the next year?

  • To receive the designation of GT after a formal exit, the student would need to re-qualify by being rescreened for the content area. This starts by submitting a Parent Checklist or the Request for Additional Screening form by the published deadline date during the school year for possible placement for the next school year. Example. No Social Studies course selection in School Year 2019-20 would mean they would have to qualify for services for the school year 2020-21. So during the 2019-20 school year they would need to submit the parent checklist requesting screening.
  • When a furlough is in place and a GT student returns to the GT course progression, the GT Temporary Exit (Furlough) is removed.  Should the GT student select a non-GT course, the Furlough becomes a GT Formal Exit notification of the applicable content area(s).

My Child was in Katy ISD Challenge before we moved away.  Can my child re-enter Challenge?

  • If you child is still in elementary school, then generally yes.  We will do a records review and re-instate your child in Challenge as soon as possible.
  • If your child was in Challenge but is now in grades 6-12, we need to screen for the secondary program, as it is a different model of service than the Challenge program.

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