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Katy Independent School District

Joe M. Adams Junior High

​Staff Directory

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Elisabeth BrodtPrincipal281.234.3406
Patrick PageAssistant Principal - 6th grade281.234.3440
Kari TorresAssistant Principal - 7th grade281.234.3485
Scott ThoenAssistant Principal - 8th grade281.234.3475
Lisa FrisonAssistant Principal - Student Support281.234.3485
Carol DevinePrincipal's Secretary281.234.3406
Stephanie SonkaAP Secretary 6th grade & Textbook Clerk281.234.3440
Elizabeth Santo SalvoAP Secretary 7th grade & Student Support Secretary281.234.3485
Gina PlakeAP Secretary 8th grade281.234.3475

Admin Support Staff

Arlene HawkesFinancial Clerk281.234.3436
Shelley PalermoAttendance Clerk281.234.3405
Jeannie ParkReceptionist281.234.3409
Vanessa BartemeyerLibrarian281.234.3428
Amber OlsonLibrary aide281.234.3429
Alyssa BarnhillNurse281.234.3425
Mary GonzalesNurse's aide281.234.3426


Victoria MataCounselor 6th grade281.234.3431
Brianna PollingerCounselor 7th grade281.234.3433
Shelly WatsonCounselor 8th grade281.234.3432
Elizabeth LesterCounselor Secretary/Registrar281.234.3435


Kyle MuellerAthletic Coordinator281.234.3480
Brittny ThomasAsst. Athletic Coordinator281.234.3481
Chase CampbellPE/Boys281.234.3479
Juan OrtizPE/Boys281.234.3478
Thomas RayPE/Boys281.234.3497
Kacy CarltonPE/Girls281.234.3477
Amy FuquaPE/Girls281.234.3476
Amy WillsPE/Girls281.234.3505


Jessica CardwellEnglish 6th grade281.234.3442
Roseanna CasbonEnglish 6th grade281.234.3447
Laura CastroEnglish 6th grade281.234.3445
Christy CrandallEnglish 6th grade281.234.3441
Shauna StylesEnglish 6th grade281.234.3443
Stephanie VaughnEnglish 6th grade281.234.3444
Rachel ChristensenEnglish 7th grade281.234.3486
Hayley HeardEnglish 7th grade281.234.3484
Chandra (Ashlee) OredsonEnglish 7th grade281.234.3482
William StubblefieldEnglish 7th grade281.234.3488
Alex WissenEnglish 7th grade281.234.3540
Drue SieloffEnglish 7th/8th grade281.234.3483
Rebecca CalfeeEnglish 8th grade281.234.3502
Kim CrandallEnglish 8th grade281.234.3504
Laura SmithEnglish 8th grade281.234.3503
Dafne RohrESL281.234.3522
Brittany SetzekornESL281.234.3459
Kelly MartinezStrategic Reading281.234.3546

Fine Arts/Electives

Kimberly GlasgowFine Arts/Art281.234.3470
Lisa PickardFine Arts/Art281.234.3468
Dianna (Darlene) BloseFine Arts/Band281.234.3465
Randallyn HoldfordFine Arts/Asst. Band281.234.3466
Jennifer AgbuFine Arts/Choir281.234.3464
Nikki LastoczyCATE/Family Consumer Science281.234.3472
Jonathan LawsonCATE/Engineering281.234.3473
Melissa Molina-AnnisCATE/Tech Apps/Publications281.234.3474
Lee AndersonFine Arts/Orchestra281.234.3463
Nicole McNealFine Arts/Orchestra281.234.3549
Michael GuillenSpanish281.234.3512
Claudia WoodSpanish281.234.3511
Mollie BoulwareFine Arts/Theatre281.234.3467
Taylor FonoFine Arts/Theatre281.234.3542


Melissa HardyMath 6th grade281.234.3450
Carrie KohlMath 6th grade281.234.3448
Melanie PopeMath 6th grade281.234.3539
Tara SmithMath 6th grade281.234.3449
Patricia LancasterMath 7th grade281.234.3490
Dipti MistryMath 7th grade281.234.3489
Sarah YiMath 7th grade281.234.3548
Valerie PattersonMath 7th/8th grade281.234.3491
Leanna BiddleMath 8th grade281.234.3513
Delaine EvansMath 8th grade281.234.3514
Erin FreelandMath 8th grade281.234.3515


Angelica CaycoyaScience 6th grade281.234.3457
Erin KruegerScience 6th grade281.234.3534
Colleen SimmonsScience 6th grade281.234.3454
Mindy SmithScience 6th grade281.234.3446
Monique BlackshearScience 7th grade281.234.3487
Staci RobersonScience 7th grade281.234.3492
Leah SijercicScience 7th grade281.234.3495
Kim DevineScience 7th/8th grade281.234.3535
Michael GaviganScience 8th grade281.234.3509
Andrea OslowskiScience 8th grade281.234.3508
Brittany SchwartzScience 8th grade281.234.3510

Social Studies

Megan BerendSocial Studies 6th grade281.234.3455
Rebecca DornhorstSocial Studies 6th grade281.234.3460
Kendra NewsomSocial Studies 6th grade281.234.3458
Angela SchuchartSocial Studies 6th grade281.234.3456
Ann BurkeSocial Studies 7th grade281.234.3543
Gene (Todd) CordellSocial Studies 7th grade281.234.3494
Sophie WrightSocial Studies 7th grade281.234.3547
Andre GoodmanSocial Studies 7th/8th grade281.234.3496
Gretchen DrakeSocial Studies 8th Grade281.234.3507
Kevin LaFollettSocial Studies 8th Grade281.234.3506
Lauren RoweSocial Studies 8th Grade281.234.3544


Stephanie BrownASIP281.234.3516
Deborah SaxonASIP para281.234.3516
Judith FerreraESL aide281.234.3521
Melissa SellersISS aide281.234.3520
Laura PeekeLife Skills281.234.3517
Nancy Roa MantillaLife Skills para281.234.3519
Angeles RodriguezLife Skills para281.234.3518
Chad PinoPASS281.234.3469
Joe OrlandoPASS para281.234.3469
Carlette BoydSPED281.234.3493
Ryndee ClarkSPED281.234.3451
Kendra ImbusSPED281.234.3452
Vijaya RamSPED281.234.3526
Billie StephneySPED281.234.3527
Megan ValenzuelaSPED281.234.3453
Julia ShannonSPED - Instructional aide281.234.3525
Jennifer ThomasSPED - Instructional aide281.234.3524

Support Staff

Ashley BurgesonTesting Facilitator281.234.3437
Vickie FryerDyslexia Teacher281.234.3523
Mercedes Gonzalez GuardiaARD Facilitator281.234.3462
Valerie DavenportSocial Studies - IC281.234.3498
Sarah HamlettMath - IC281.234.3499
Courtney LewisScience - IC281.234.3536
Allyson WalkerEnglish - IC281.234.3501
Denise MarlattSpeech Pathologist281.234.3471
Sara MyersDiagnostician Clerk281.234.3538
Danielle PetersonGT Facilitator
Sara ReevesDiagnostician281.234.3537
Melissa WhiteLSSP281.396.2542

TEA District"A"  Rating
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