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Katy Independent School District

West Memorial Elementary

​​WME Student Safety Patrol


The purpose of our student safety patrol is to give 5th grade students the opportunity to display leadership and responsibility by helping students enter and exit school safely, It is not a school police force or traffic control.


Safety patrol membership is open to fifth grade students who desire to be of service to their fellow students, and whom meet the following criteria throughout their fifth grade year:

  1. Display good conduct in all areas of West Memorial. No N’s or U’s as well as office referrals may not be received by patrol members. 

  2. Display the following characteristics at all time: responsibility, reliability, dependability, enthusiasm, cooperativeness, leadership, courtesy, trustworthiness, punctuality, and a good attitude. 


The role of a patrol member is that of service, not rule enforcement. Patrol members are not to grab or hit other students, run in the hallways, or hang out and talk with friends while on duty. Patrols who misuse their position will be dismissed from the program. Patrol membership is designed to be an enjoyable learning experience in which a member can be of service to his/her fellow peers.


Arrive no later than 7:55 so that you can begin your duty on time. You must be on time! In the afternoon you will be dismissed from class at 3:30 and will report directly to your assigned duty. You must wear your vest at all times when on duty. Students need to make sure they have a jacket or sweatshirt on cold days. Students may also wear hats, gloves, scarves, etc. when outside to keep warm.


Safety patrol students are to arrive at school by their assigned duty time, no later than 7:55 a.m. All duties require your child to stay after school until 3:55 p.m. The buses and walkers will have left our campus by this time; therefore you will need to provide transportation for your child. If you are unable to provide transportation please have your child speak with one of the coaches and we will arrange their duty accordingly. Students will be allowed to walk home after duty, but they must have a signed note from a parent.


A student will be removed from patrols for disobedience, poor performance of duty, regularly being late for duty, poor conduct in class, and consistently assuming more responsibility than given. No student will be removed from duty without a student conference. ​

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