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Katy Independent School District

WoodCreek Elementary


Our school colors are forest green and gold.


WoodCreek Rangers


(Tune:  I’ve Been Workin’ on the Railroad)
Words by Libby Huntington, WoodCreek Music Teacher

We’re the WoodCreek Forest Rangers.
We’re the very best!
Always honest and trustworthy---
Just put us to the test!
Join us as we start our journey
Learning ev’ry day.  (Hey!  Hey!  Hey!)
We’re the WoodCreek Forest Rangers ---
Success is on the way!

Little bit of Math, Social Studies, too.
Got so much to learn, so much to do.
Science, Language Arts; always do our part,
Ev’ry day at WoodCreek School!

P.E., Art, and Music we are learning,
Learning  ev’ry day-----
Spelling and then it’s reading----
Look out!  We’re on our way!  (Hey!  Hey!)


I am…

R-Respectful of Others

     We say yes ma’am and no ma’am, yes sir and no sir, we say please and thank you

 We make eye contact

 We know the adults in the building and greet them by name

 We respect each other’s opinions and are good sports

 We do not stare at someone who is being corrected

A-Actively Engaged in my Learning

     We are organized, efficient, and on task

 We complete our class work and homework on time

N-Nice to Everyone

     We are grateful for the things we receive and we do not insult the gift or the giver

 When you receive something, a "thank you" is expected

 Treat others the way you want to be treated

 We do not bully. If you are being bullied, tell an adult

 We are always positive

G-Giving my Best Each Day

     We do our best, not just to get a reward…nd we NEVER ask for a reward.

E-Expecting Great Things for Myself and a

     We are always willing to give our best at WCE

R-Responsible Citizen

We follow all of our teachers’ classroom procedures 

We use appropriate etiquette everywhere we go 

When traveling, we move quietly (level 0) and quickly so as not to draw attention to ourselves 

We walk down the hall in a straight, quiet line

I am a Ranger!


TEA District"A"  Rating
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