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Katy Independent School District

Stephens Elementary

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​""About Us

School Colors: Silver and Blue
School Mascot: Shadow the Stallion
2019-2020 School Theme: Rooted in the Past, Cultivating Our Future
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About Stephens Elementary

Stephens Elementary first opened its door in 2007. The administrators and staff commit themselves to provide a warm, safe, and challenging environment that promotes strong academic rigor where all students can reach their greatest potential. Through the valuable contributions of parent and community volunteers, students are afforded educational opportunities that enhance and enrich their educational experiences.

Stephens Elementary prides itself on being the bridge between home, school and the community. Stephens appreciates the countless dedication and support of the PTA organization that serves the students and staff with commitment and diligence.

Stephens Elementary has the same vision and expectation for all students, and we believe that all students are gifted, talented and intelligent. Through the use of differentiated instructional practices, the various needs of all students can be met. With enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and explore, students continue to build upon the foundation that was established for them by dedicated teachers and staff members.

At Stephens Elementary, we celebrate our rich cultures and diverse populations that so proudly represent our Stallion pride. Through participation in the Character Counts social program, students learn how to respect and appreciate diversity and become independent, responsible and productive citizens. The Student Ambassador program helps welcome new Stallions as they gallop through the halls of the silver and blue. Through our varied approaches, students are encouraged to live each day with courage and take pride in all that they do.

We look forward to working hand and hand with each parent to provide and deliver a quality educational experience for every student that gallops through the front doors.

About Ursula Stephens

Mrs. Ursula StephensOur school is named after long-time educator Ursula Stephens, whose love for children began long before her career in education. As the oldest daughter in a family of eight siblings, teaching and nurturing others has always come naturally to her.

During her early childhood, Stephens, a native Spanish speaker, recalls the challenges she overcame to learn the English language when she started Kindergarten at Ursuline Academy in San Antonio after living in Mexico the first four years of her life. In third grade, she moved with her father to Mexico for a year, where she adjusted to a new life and culture. Shortly after returning to Texas, the determined Stephens quickly re-acclimated to the English language and thrived in her academic studies. It is this drive and ambition she has carried with her throughout her 40-year teaching and administrative career, believing that all students are capable of succeeding, regardless of circumstance.

Stephens’ desire to instill a passion for learning in each of her students was evident throughout her 22-year tenure with Katy ISD. While teaching Spanish courses at Cinco Ranch High School, Stephens held social gatherings at a local Mexican restaurant, where her students ordered food and communicated with the wait staff in Spanish. The fruits of her labor as an educator have truly paid off, as she is honored that several of her former students have gone on to pursue careers in the teaching field, many in Katy ISD.

Stephens received both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Education from Our Lady of the Lake University. She also earned Mid-Management Certification from the University of Houston. In 1966, Stephens began teaching at Pauline Nelson Elementary in San Antonio ISD. Additionally, she taught for Lubbock ISD and Spring Branch ISD, before joining Katy ISD.

In 1981, Stephens proudly served as a third-grade teacher as part of the opening staff of Williamsburg Settlement Elementary, later renamed to Diane Winborn Elementary.  She went on to serve as the assistant principal of Sundown Elementary and Nottingham Country Elementary. In 1985, she was promoted to principal of Nottingham Country Elementary and later became the principal of Sundown Elementary, and in 1997 she opened Polly Ann McRoberts Elementary.  In 2000, Stephens returned to the classroom, teaching Spanish at Cinco Ranch High School. Until May 2008 she continued to contribute to the field of public education, as a Texas A& M University Supervisor for Alternative Certification Interns and teaching Spanish part-time at Weimar High School in Weimar ISD.

For her tremendous efforts, the Gulf Coast Administrators of Special Education honored Stephens as the Region IV Regular Educator of the Year in 1996. Previously, she was named Terrace Elementary 1981 Teacher of the Year in Spring Branch ISD. In addition, Stephens was honored with a lifetime membership in the Texas Parent-Teacher Association.  More recently, Stephens was named to Who’s Who Among American Teachers and Educators.        

As the cherished namesake of Ursula Stephens Elementary, Mrs. Stephens’ legacy will continue forever. She serves as an inspiration to students, faculty, and parents, reminding each one that “we can accomplish whatever we put our mind to.”


School Report Card Data

2007-08 TAKS Scores

 2008-09 TAKS Scores   

  2009-10 TAKS Scores 

  2010-11 TAKS Scores

  2011-12 *STAAR Scores (keep previous year)

  • Reading: 93%

  • Writing: 97% 

  • Math: 89%

  • Science: 81%

  • Reading: 93% 

  • Writing: 91%

  • Math: 94%

  • Science: 88%

  • Reading: 95% 

  • Writing: 96

  • Math: 95%

  • Science: 97%

  • Reading: 96% 

  • Writing: 96%

  • Math: 96%

  • Science: 97%

  • Reading: 83% 

  • Writing: 83%

  • Math: 74%

  • Science: 90%


2012-13 STAAR Scores

2013-14 STAAR Scores   

2014-15 STAAR Scores 

2015-16 STAAR Scores

2016-17 STAAR Scores

  • Reading: 91%

  • Writing: 84% 

  • Math: 93%

  • Science: 82%

  • Reading: 91% 

  • Writing: 92 %

  • Math: 96%

  • Science: 87%

  • Reading: 91 % 

  • Writing: 85 %

  • Math: 87%

  • Science: 81%

  • Reading: 89 %

  • Writing: 81%

  • Math: 90%

  • Science: 88%

  • Reading: 91%

  • Writing: 76%

  • Math: 92%

  • Science: 89%


2017-18 STAAR Scores

2018-19 STAAR Scores   

2019-20 STAAR Scores 

2020-21 STAAR Scores

2021-22 STAAR Scores

  • Reading: 88%

  • Writing: 72% 

  • Math: 89%

  • Science: 91%

  • Reading: 

  • Writing: 

  • Math: 

  • Science: 

  • Reading: 

  • Writing: 

  • Math: 

  • Science: 

  • Reading: 

  • Writing: 

  • Math: 

  • Science: 

  • Reading: 

  • Writing: 

  • Math: 

  • Science: 

* Scores include the Texas Projection Measure (TPM), which is used to determine campus ratings.


2008: Recognized
2009: Recognized
2010: Exemplary
2011: Exemplary
2012: Exemplary
2013: Met Standard
2014: Met Standard
2015: Met Standard
2016: Met Standard
2017: Met Standard
2018: Met Standard

Stephens Elementary 2018 Report Card Summary 

Avg. teacher experience: 10.8 years
Avg. students per teacher: 12.0

  • K: 22.0

  • 1st: 19.0

  • 2nd: 18.4

  • 3rd: 17.7

  • 4th: 15.1

  • 5th: 17.2

Student profile:

  • African American: 10.8%

  • Hispanic: 69.5%

  • White: 13.3%

  • American Indian: 0.9%

  • Asian: 4.9%

  • Pacific Islander: 0.0%

  • Two or More Races: 0.6%

  • Economically Disadvantaged: 67.5% 

  • English Language Learners: 47.1% 

  • Mobility Rate: 13.4% 

   Special program enrollment:

  • Special education: 12.3%

  • Bilingual/ESL: 30.7 %

  • Gifted/Talented: 1.3%

TEA District"A"  Rating
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