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Katy Independent School District

James E. Taylor High School

Clubs and Organizations​

"When you do nothing, you feel overwhelmed and powerless. But when you get involved, you feel the sense of hope and accomplishment that comes from knowing you are working to make things better.”​​― Maya Angelou                                                                                                               Rev.19-20

Club Application 2020.21.pdf

Academic Challenge

Academic Challenge

Chris Harris

Room 1540

​Students attend academic “Quiz Bowl” type of tournaments. These are open to anyone but in order to participate in the tournaments, you have to join the club.  There is a $50 membership fee that helps cover the costs of the club (includes polo shirt, travel, entry fees, etc.) In order to get to compete, you have to attend practice 75% of the time.

​Academic Decathlon

Academic Decathlon

Jenny Brunsell
Eric Brunsell

Room 9124 & 9127

​Students in grades 10-12 are eligible to compete in this academic competition that covers ten areas of academics from math to history to speech and everything in between. The team is made up of three teams of students whose academic GPAs fall in the A, B and C categories. We compete at the local, regional, state, and national levels.

​Art National Honor Society ­ NAHS

Art National Honor Society ­ NAHS

​Jason Smith

Room 1960

​NAHS is an honor society dedicated to recognizing art students who have shown outstanding ability in the visual arts. NAHS strives to encourage members to work toward the attainment of the highest standards in visual arts. Potential members must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher in art, have completed at least one semester of art and are currently enrolled in an art class.

​American Sign Language 

American Sign Language

​Brandy Cabe

Room 1410

​ASL club members learn more about deaf culture and deaf events. Socialize with other ASL students of various levels and increase fluency in the language.

ASL meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 2:45 PM.  

​American Sign Language Honor Society

American Sign Language Honor Society

​Brandy Cabe

Room 1410

​Must meet National requirements & maintain good GPA status for Chords 15 hours community service per year of membership voluntary work intended to support people in the deaf community.  8 hours tutoring/mentoring per year of membership.  Students may opt to be paired with an ASL student at THS. It will be members’ responsibility to check in with their mentee and report hours to Mrs. Cabe.  Other tutoring opportunities must be approved for credit. ASL Honor Society meets the 3rd Friday of the month at 2:45 PM.  



​Michael Ary
Jon Cabot
Eric Weingartner

Room 1760

​The JET Band offers a wide variety of educational and performance opportunities through its five concert bands, marching band, jazz ensemble, winter guard, and private lesson program. The experiences that come with membership in the JET Band build academic excellence, discipline, character, pride, and self-confidence at a crucial age, which forms the springboard to even greater achievements in adulthood.

Website Link:

​Best Buddies

​Best Buddies

​Addie Porter

Room 1460

​Best Buddies is a national organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of students with intellectual and developmental disabilities by providing opportunities for one-on-one friendships with their peers from the general education population.  Interested students will be interviewed and matched with a participant. Students will then participate in group and individual social activities with their "Buddies."

​Blue Review

Blue Review

​Eric Warren

Room 1210

​Blue Review is a video news magazine produced by the Blue Review Audio & Video Production class at Taylor High School. Applications are accepted at the end of the year for the following year.  Web Page

​Business and Sales

​Jenna Robinson

Room 1650

​The purpose of the club is to learn basic concepts of sales, business, and investment in a peer to peer environment.  In the club, we will use Simulation Stock apps.  We will also learn how to conduct business in a professional setting and manner. 
Wednesday 2:30-3:05



​Buffy Brummett

Lauren Rodgers

Room 1150 & 1730

​Students earning a position on the school cheerleading squad are instructed in the fundamentals of cheerleading activities. The purpose of the cheerleading squad is to promote school spirit and a positive school climate by participating at athletic events and extra-curricular activities as deemed appropriate by the campus administration and Cheerleading instructor.  Cheerleaders are expected to be positive role models, serving as school ambassadors on campus and in the community.

James E. Taylor Cheerleading Website



​Kevin Riehle

Casey Carruth

Room 1720

​The Choirs of Taylor HS provide students with thorough structured choral and music educational experiences.  Striving for and achieving high levels of excellence, students learn discipline, teamwork, and service while experiencing community in an emotionally vulnerable and broadly expressive palette.  In six vocal choirs, a handbell ensemble, and AP music theory classes, and private lesson program, Taylor singers develop the capacity to enjoy a lifetime of singing and music, leading to a productive and fulfilling adulthood.


​Chinese & Japanese Club

​Naomi Wang

Room 1120

​The Chinese and Japanese clubs meet after school and they are run by students. The clubs’ mission is to introduce students to Chinese and Japanese languages and various aspects of their culture. Anyone interested in joining is welcome.

​Close Up Foundation

Close Up Foundation

​Patrick Knock

Keith Roy

Rebecca Vandagriff

Room 2620,2630,2190

​Through seminars with Washington policymakers and study visits to government offices and historical sites, high school students get a “close up” look at the process of democracy and our nation’s heritage.  The seven-day program in January prepares young citizens to meet the challenges of governing themselves and their nation.


​ComedySportz High School League

​Kelley Hughes

Sarah Blumber

Room 1770, 1970

​A competitive improvisation troupe open to all grades. Students undergo an audition in the fall. The troupe meets regularly and plays in matches against other area schools. Students learn teamwork, quick thinking and sharpen their acting skills through improv. 

​Computer Science Club

Computer Science Club

​Chris Hudson

Room 1940

​This is a group of students interested in computer programming contests and computer technologies. Club members are responsible for hosting the Taylor High School programming contest, which in the past has had 100+ teams compete. Additionally, team members travel to other schools for programming competitions.  

​Dance Team -­ Pacesetters

Dance Team -­ Pacesetters

​Barbie Parker

Sarah Peterson

Gym 3

​Pacesetter tryouts are open to 9th, 10th, or 11th grade students who are interested in being  part of a spirit dance group representing THS. A mandatory parent information meeting is held in early March informing parents of financial obligations, mandatory events, and requirements of the team members. Try-outs are held in March. A week-long clinic is held after school to prepare the girls for try-outs on that Friday. Pacesetters is a year-round activity.

​Earth Connected

​Earth Connected

​Mrs. Juarez  

Room 2250      

  • ​educate people about the earth and how to live a cleaner life

  • create sculptures to attract attention to climate, wildlife, etc.

  • work towards a Styrofoam free school

  • recycling, reusing, reducing projects for school and community

2:45 – 3:15

​French Club

French Club

​Adena Sealock
Nanette Leonard

Room 1450, 1430

​The French Club is available to any Taylor student who is interested in the French language and culture. Officer elections are held in the fall. Membership is open year­ round. There is a $20 membership fee that covers the cost of the club shirt. Activities include enjoying French food, watching movies in French, going to art museums, and other social gatherings.

​French Honor Society - Société Nationale de Français

French Honor Society - Société Nationale de Français

​Nanette Leonard

Room 1430

​Open to juniors and seniors in French 3 or 4 with a French GPA of at least 3.75.  We do service projects to earn honor cords at graduation.

​Future Business Leaders of America – FBLA

Future Business Leaders of America – FBLA

Jenna Robinson

Room 1620

​Anyone can join FBLA.  There are no prerequisites. Members participate in community service projects as well as compete in area and state competitions.  Attendance at monthly meetings is required.  Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) contributes to the advancement of leadership, citizenship, personal growth, academic and technological skills.  Competitive events enhance career/job preparation, workplace competencies, self-confidence, and the instructional program.

​Gay Straight Alliance

Gay Straight Alliance

​Jennifer Simpson

Cedric French

Room 2440

​The Gay-Straight Alliance is a student-led organization intended to provide a safe and supportive environment for LGBT youth and their allies.  Meetings are held the 1st Tuesday of the month at 2:45 PM.

​German Club - Deutschklub-Deutsch Verein

German Club - Deutschklub-Deutsch Verein

​Sarah Smith

Room 1690

​The German Club is open to any THS student who is currently taking German, has taken German or just has in interest in the language and the culture. Club membership allows students the opportunity to get together on an informal basis to practice speaking German, to learn more about the culture and history of the country, to dine in German-speaking restaurants, and to attend cultural events.

​Habitat for Humanity Club

​Habitat for Humanity Club

​Danielle Ezzell

Room 1270

​The THS Habitat for Humanity Club is an official Chapter of Houston Habitat for Humanity. We are beginning our 4th year as a club and utilize the latest technology to communicate with our students and the community about fundraising events. Students will have the opportunity to raise funds for local families to have their dream of owning a home realized. At least one date is set aside during the school year where students 16 years of age and older are able to work on building a home in Houston.

once a month, Wednesday

​Health Students Occupations of America-HOSA

Health Students Occupations of America-HOSA

​Lisa Estill

Room 2480

​HOSA is a national leadership organization specifically for secondary and post-secondary students enrolled in Health Care Science classes and have an interest in a career in health care.  $30 membership fees enroll them at the local, state, and national levels.  Students meet every other Wednesday, after school.  Tentative plans include various community service activities, high school blood drives and guest speakers whenever possible. A major part of HOSA is attending a fall leadership conference, area, state, and national competitions where students have the opportunity to test their knowledge and skills on various topics related to health care careers.  A fall fundraiser is planned to raise money to offset the cost of state competitions.

​Interact Club

Interact Club

​Keka Kar

Room 2550

​The Interact Club is an organization where students complete one community service project each month.  The club meets Wednesdays after school.  

​International Cultural Society – ICS

​Mary Ann Morrison

Room 9222

​ICS is a club designed to increase student awareness of different international cultures.  Any student interested in learning more about other cultures/countries is encouraged to join. Dues are $5 for returning members and $20 for new students, which includes the t-shirt.  Membership is open for the first month of each semester.  Officer elections will be held at the end of the school year for the following year.  Activities include experiencing restaurants, offering international cuisine, trips to museums, foreign film viewing, service projects for the needy, guest speakers, dance lessons and cultural field trips.  

​Key Club

Key Club

​Blair Bennett

Room 1490

​Key Club International is the oldest and largest service program for high school students.  It is a student-led organization that teaches leadership through service to others. Members of the Kiwanis International family, Key Club members build themselves as they build their schools and communities.  

​Latin Club

​Latin Club

​Stefania Mitzithras

Room 1410

​Latin Club is a social organization that promotes the study of Latin through social and service activities, competitions, and field trips. 

​Mane Event

Mane Event

​Blair Bennett

Room 1490

​This is the school newspaper, which is produced by the newspaper class. The paper is produced 8-10 times a year and is available to all students.  Unsolicited articles by non-staffers may also be used.  Students interested in joining the Mane Event staff should enroll in journalism or photojournalism.

​Model United Nations – Model UN

​Model United Nations – Model UN

​Efrain Gutierrez

Room 1630

​The Model UN presents annually a Model United Nations Conference in which schools represent UN member states, with students role-playing the part of UN delegates from those countries in various UN committees and agencies. The purpose of Model UN is to educate high school students in the goals, history, structure, and function of the UN.

​Mu Alpha Theta

Mu Alpha Theta

​Ben Steinbrecher

Room 2450

​This national mathematics organization is for students interested in mathematics. For full membership status, students must be enrolled in at least Algebra II with a B average in mathematics. Students who are not yet in Algebra II are associate members. The club participates in academic contests during the year.

​Muslim Student Association

​Robin Dickey

Room 9125 

​To create an environment where students can learn about the Muslim Religion {Islam}.  We also conduct Friday prayers and Home-oriented events.  Another goal of MSA is preparing the members for MIST [Muslim Interscholastic Tournament].  Group meets Fridays 2:45-3:30

​National FFA Organization

​National FFA Organization

​Sara Burke

David Laird

Jerry Shimek

Brianna Ariola

Room 1910, 1930, 1950

​FFA is a national organization that promotes premier leadership in its members.  Students compete in leadership activates that develop skills in speaking, responsibility, work ethic, and evaluation.  FFA members get to travel across the state to visit universities while participating in judging and leadership contests.  Texas FFA offers more than $2.1 MILLION in scholarships annually to its members.  Students get to attend leadership camps across the county, including Washington DC!

To join FFA a student should enroll in an Agriculture Science Class or see one of the Ag teachers in room 1930.

For more info check:

​National Honor Society – NHS

National Honor Society – NHS

​Ericca Fader

Room 9126

​Taylor’s chapter of the National Honor Society is open to junior and senior students who have at least a 3.75 GPA and receive teacher recommendations.  Students become eligible to apply in the spring of their sophomore year.  Applications are mailed home to eligible students in late March.



​Clint Capshaw

Room 1740

​The Taylor Orchestra is a comprehensive program with four-string orchestras (Chamber, Philharmonic, Concert Blue, and Concert Orchestra) and a full orchestra (Symphony). Our students perform a series of concerts at THS and in the community. They also compete at UIL and TMEA contests throughout the year.

​Peer Assistance and Leadership – PALS

​Peer Assistance and Leadership – PALS

Sandra Weems

Julie Wells

Room 2060, 2460

​This is the junior-senior class that students must be nominated, interviewed, and invited to join. PALS visit local elementary and junior high schools working one on one with younger students. 

​Rho Kappa- Social Studies National Honor Society (SSNHS)

​Jennifer Kleiber Boatcallie

Room 2110

​Taylor’s chapter of the SSNHS is open to junior and senior students who have at least a 3.50 overall GPA, have completed 2 semesters of AP Social Studies courses (1 full year course or 2 semester courses),  and receive teacher recommendations.  Students become eligible to apply in the spring of their sophomore year.  See Mrs. K for application information.



​Kyle Brown

Room 2530

​Robotics is organized for students interested in careers in engineering, computer programming and robotics.  The club participates in competitions that require the student to design, build and program robotics.  Such competitions are BEST Robotics, Vex and possibly others.

​Science Club

​Science Club

​Bruce Ferland

Room 2560

​The Science Club is organized for students interested in careers in engineering. The club invites engineers to address the club and participates in competitions that are engineering and science-based, such as Science Olympiad and the Science Bowl.


SOAR (Students for Oncological Aid and Relief)

​Hoainam Nguyen-Jackson

Room 2160

​SOAR (Students for Oncological Aid and Relief) is a student-led, non-profit organization. We recognize that cancer patients are forced to fight a vicious battle, a battle that they should never have to fight alone. In order to help them through their hardships, our goal is to distribute care packages to hospitals as well as host fundraisers, drives, and other philanthropic projects. Our mission is to bring joy to cancer patients across the nation; for while we can't cure the disease or alleviate the pain, we can show them that they are not forgotten.

​Spanish National Honor Society – SHH (Sociedad Honoraria Hispania)

Spanish National Honor Society – SHH (Sociedad Honoraria Hispania)

​Nitzia Guillen

Room 1640

​SHH is designed for students with a minimum of three years in Spanish studies and who have maintained an honor average in Spanish classes. The selection process to SHH is based on student character, leadership, honesty, service, and commitment to the organization. Consideration is also given to GPA in overall classes. The club meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7 AM & 2:40 PM

​Spanish Club

Spanish Club

​Buffy Brummett

Room 1150

​The club participates in a variety of social activities.  Members compete in the Pan American Student Forum convention in San Antonio and enjoy monthly social outings to local Mexican restaurants.  There are annual dues that have to be paid in order to maintain membership.  Membership is open to students who are either currently enrolled in or have taken a Spanish class at THS.

​Speech and Debate

​Speech and Debate

​Gay Hollis

Greg McGee

Room 1909, 2610

​Taylor Speech and Debate is an organization that competes in a variety of speech, debate, and interpretation contests at the local, state, and national levels. Events include speaking on current events, prepared oratorical speeches, improvisational speeches, debates on government policy or values in conflict, student congress, solo, and duet dramatic or humorous performances, and interpretive reading. Membership is open to any student in grades 9-12.

​Student Council - Stu Co

​Student Council - Stu Co

​Sandra Weems

Room 2070

​Student Council is a leadership organization that anyone can join.  STUCO members lead the school in helping out others in the community with such events as Big Feast (we raise money to feed 200 families a Thanksgiving feast), Pajama Day (we raise money for Easter Seals), Santa Cops (we raise money to provide gifts for 20 children for Christmas, and every year we have SPUD week (we raise money for Taylor families through talent shows, etc.).  We are also in charge of Homecoming and Pep Rallies to lead the school on with spirit!!

Come join us today in room 2070!

​Taylor PlayMakers and Thespians

Taylor PlayMakers and Thespians 

​Sarah Blumber

Kelley Hughes

Room 1770, 1970

​Taylor PlayMakers is the drama organization at Taylor. The club provides a continuous cycle of activities, both social and theatrical, for Taylor students interested in theatre production. The club is open to all Taylor students, whether or not they are enrolled in theatre classes or involved in theatre productions. Additionally, students earn points for membership in the International Thespian Society, the national organization, by participating in all areas of production, from acting to backstage technical support to box office and publicity. 

​THS Bookworms Book Club

THS Bookworms Book Club

​Robin Dickey

Room 9125

​THS Bookworms Book Club is open to all students grade 9-12. The club provides a positive, relaxing environment where students are free to explore and discuss new Young Adult literature as well as their views on topics and issues that arise from that literature. We meet every 3 weeks after school for fun, lively discussion and activities focused on our current book club selection, and to vote on the book club selection for the next meeting. In addition to the meetings, throughout the year we go to Y.A. Book conventions/book signings to meet the authors, see the movies inspired by the books, and many other fun, literature-related activities.

​Yearbook – Stampede

Yearbook – Stampede

​Blair Bennett

Room 1490

A group of students in the yearbook, class publishes the Stampede every year. There is a selection process for this activity.

​University Interscholastic League – UIL

University Interscholastic League – UIL

​Tommy Trinh

Room 1920

​An academic event at the UIL spring meet that involves team and individual competition. Students take tests in different areas:

Accounting. Calculator, Computer Applications, Computer Science, Current Events, Debate & Speech, Journalism,

Literary Criticism, Mathematics, Number Sense, One-Act Play, Ready Writing, Science, Social Studies, Spelling

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