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Katy Independent School District

Nottingham Country Elementary

​​Specials - Physical Education

Physical Education Teachers :   rh.pngRyan Hermes​  281-237-5521
                                                                     ks.pngKathryn Stevens   281-237-5557

Physical Education Aide:               Alycia  Buchanan


​"We are dedicated to our students success by helping them build on their strengths and keeping their confidence high, so they can believe anything is possible with dedication. Our goal in specials is to bring out the creativity in all our students and provide the instruction, support and encouragement to help them become FANTASTIC!"

Welcome to another exciting year at NCE!

We are looking forward to having your child actively participating in Specials!

  • IDs - This year we are all adjusting to having the entire school wear their IDs all day. In keeping with the policy in their classrooms, the students will wear their IDs to Specials. If the IDs become a distraction during class, students will be instructed to tuck them inside their shirts (P.E. will use their team line baskets to keep their IDs).

  • Please refer to your homeroom teacher’s S’More to find the Specials Rotation for your child’s class.

  • Remember to wear tennis shoes or another shoe that allows for stability of their ankles, on days your child has PE. Safety is the number one priority in PE

  •  WatchDOGS – We welcome having our NCE WatchDOGS in our classrooms. Thanks for taking an active role in your child's education. Plan to play in P.E. games, assist at art tables, and sing a solo in music (just kidding!)

  • PE Class Schedule:

    8:15-9:00 5th Grade

    9:05-9:50 2nd Grade

    9:55-10:40 3rd Grade

    10:45-11:15 PreK (Mon/Wed)

    12:30-1:15 Kindergarten

    1:25-2:10 1st Grade

    2:15-3:00 4th Grade​


  • 1. Enter- Students will enter gym and begin instant activity of the day.

    2. Asking Questions- Students will remain in their assigned spot and raise their hand to ask a question.

    3. Stop/Start- Students will stop and look at coaches when attention signals are given. (ex. whistle, music stopping)

    4. Water/Restroom- Students understand they are not allowed to go to the restroom or get water unless it is during activity time.

    5. Dismissal- Students will line up quietly in order by dismissal door in lines ready to leave.

    6. Shoes- We love to see students wearing tennis shoes to PE. They are the safest type of shoe to wear. Students wearing shoes that are not safe will be limited to what they can participate in during class. Please remember to wear safe, closed toe, rubber sole shoes.


    · Responsibilities, Rules, Safety

    · Follows directions

    · Moves safely

    · Respect others and equipment

    · Accepts feedback

    · Works well with other students

    · Recognizes why rules and safety procedures are important

    · Locomotor Movements

    · Hopping

    · Skipping

    · Leaping

    · Galloping

    · Side Sliding

    · Jogging

    · Sprinting

    · Jumping

    · Non-locomotor Movements

    · Bending

    · Stretching

    · Balancing

    · Weight Transfer

    · Stability​

    Movement Concepts

    · Spatial Awareness

    · Pathway moving

    · Levels

    · Speed, Direction, Force

    · Alignment

    · Strategies & Tactics

    · Manipulative Skills

    · Underhand Toss

    · Overhand Throw​

    · Catching

    · Dribbling (hands and feet)

    · Volleying

    · Basketball Shooting

    · Fishing

    · Striking with short and long handled equipment,

    · Kicking,

    · Jumping Rope

    · Physical Activity Knowledge

    · Recognize, Identify, Choose, and Engage in Physical Activities that provide enjoyment both in PE and outside of school

    · Recognize youth sports leagues

    · Recognize and engage with physical activities that can be achieved at home

    · Fitness Knowledge

    · Learn, Comprehend, Utilize variety of fitness exercises, methods and concepts

    · Describe how and why fitness is important to overall lifelong health

    · Differentiate between aerobic and anaerobic fitness and how each affects the human body

    · Nutrition

    · Learn how to identify health eating habits

    · Learn the 5 core food groups

    · Understand and describe how each food group affects the body and why each is essential to health

    · Learn and understand differences between Protein, Carbohydrates, Lipids, Vitamins, and Minerals and how each helps the body

    · Health

    · Learn, Identify, and Comprehend Skeletal System

    · Learn, Identify, and Comprehend Muscular System

    · Learn and Understand the Heart and how to keep it healthy

    · Learn and Understand the Brain and Nervous system

    · Learn Proper ways to stay healthy (healthy diet, exercise, good sleep)

    · Learn and Engage in proper hand washing techniques

TEA District"A"  Rating
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