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Katy Independent School District

Memorial Parkway Elementary

Welcome to the Counselor's Corner​​

Get to know your Counselor, Mrs. Paez


Character Counts at Memorial Parkway!​

​​​Character Thursdays

Each Thursday is set apart as a special Character day at MPE. The entire campus takes this day to focus on either the MONTHLY CHARACTER TRAIT or unique aspects of our BYSTANDER PROGRAM.


​​Monthly Character Traits   

On the first Thursday of each month, a new character trait is introduced and highlighted for our staff and students. On this day, the entire campus is encouraged to wear a special color that we associate with that trait. This trait will be discussed and practiced the whole month. The campus is also encouraged to wear that color on the remaining alternate Thursdays as well (1st/3rd/5th). Students caught performing the character trait will be highlighted and could be rewarded through ribbons and/or other recognition.


​​Bystander Program

Every other Thursday we alternate from the monthly character trait to MPE's very own BYSTANDER PROGRAM. On these Thursdays (2nd/4th), the entire staff can be seen wearing the shirts that proudly let our kids know "WE HAVE THEIR BACK"! Students learn through a series of class-led lessons and announcements from the principals and our counselor what it means to NOT stand-by and let people do mean or hurtful things. Instead, they focus on discussing ways they can create a class and campus culture that accepts, includes and is there for one another. They are empowered to stand up for each another and encouraged to make the school a place everyone would feel welcome, supported and safe.

Students develop specific grade level definitions of what it means to have someone's back. From that definition, they create a grade level list of ways they pledge to have each other's back and then posters are developed for each class to review and sign as their oath and promise to uphold the very ideas they created.

Students are recognized and rewarded throughout the year for their positive actions encompassing these promises. Students who were observed "having someone's back" may be nominated and their accomplishments read out on the announcements for all to hear. The PTA purchased additional shirts to give away to students caught displaying these qualities and they are also working on obtaining spirit sticks.

All of this quality focus on the character of our staff and students is one main reason why MPE is such a great place to learn and grow!



Their support, not only of the ideology of the program but in the purchase of the shirts to help make this program possible is greatly appreciated. This helps show the kids the strong community commitment to this endeavor.



Counselor goals to help children...

  • learn problem solving and decision making skills.

  • understand how to get along with their peers and make friends.

  • develop country, state, community and school pride.

  • understand themselves and others.

  • develop successful academic goals for success now and for the future.

  • become the best they can be.

  • develop a true sense of self-worth and confidence and recognize they can do anything they set their minds to achieve.

  • understand and practice our character traits which will help develop a strong and healthy self-esteem and will help achieve peace

  • succeed and accomplish their goals.

  • who want to be leaders learn how to become peer-mediators and problem solvers through a program, Peers Making Peace

  • recognize "tricky people" through a program, Yelo Dyno. Yello Dyno teaches children how to protect themselves from people who mean them harm. It's a program that helps educators teach safety skills for a lifetime!


​Help Your Child Be The BEST He/She Can Be!

  • Be active in your child's school and personal life

  • Ask your child every day, "How was your day?" "What was fun today?" What wasn't fun?" Try to read between the lines because sometimes our children might forget information.

  • Set routines for your child's homework and bedtime.

  • Review papers that come home with your child.

  • Enjoy reading every evening (set a routine to instill a LOVE for reading).

  • Praise your child for his efforts and success.

  • Attend your child's school events and/or extracurricular activities.

  • Make time for "quality" time (A special date with your son/daughter to do his/her favorite thing will live in his/her heart forever!).

  • Whatever your child practices at home, he/she will practice at school. Help him/her practice good manners, respectful to others, have high self-esteem by encouraging him/her to think for themselves and most of all practice the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated.

TEA District"A"  Rating
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