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​Katy ISD Textbooks Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About Katy ISD’s Curriculum and Textbooks

Each course has multiple instructional resources available for students and teachers. These resources include online encyclopedias, .gov and .edu websites, DVDs, multimedia resources, Discovery Ed, maps, primary source documents, textbooks and teacher created resources. While textbooks are an important resource, they are not the sole source of the curriculum and they do not drive instruction. Over the past several years, textbook companies have been moving towards the implementation of online textbooks which provide students and teachers with more up-to-date and interactive instructional resources. With this transition, Katy ISD has also increased the usage of online resources, including textbooks. Through a recent parent survey regarding Internet access, the Technology Department determined that most Katy ISD students have home access to online textbooks. In most cases, online materials used in the classroom can also be accessed through a campus library. Class sets of textbooks are also often utilized during instructional time. In certain circumstances, students may need access to a hard copy of a textbook. If a student or parent makes a request for a hard copy textbook, the campus can provide a copy. Because campuses typically do not keep a surplus inventory of textbooks on site, a campus may need to order a copy from the warehouse once a parent has submitted a written request to the textbook clerk. For those students who wish to use online textbooks, but lack access to a smart device or Wi-Fi at home, most campuses have limited quantities of devices that can be borrowed through the library by students with such needs.

Advantages of Online Textbooks

Online textbooks are instructional books that contain the same content and layout as hard copy versions and are made available for web viewing or they can be downloaded to a computer. Online textbooks provide a number of conveniences for students. For example, many online textbooks offer search functions, which make searching for specific information an easy and efficient process. Also copying and highlighting passages is easily done within an online textbook. Also, some students find that taking notes electronically is easy and more efficient. Finally, some online textbooks allow for audio download, making learning content while on-the-go much more accessible.


What is Canvas?
Canvas is an online learning management system that allows students and teachers to have a robust yet secure area in which they can communicate, receive and turn in assignments, view calendars, take assessments, access online textbooks and digital content, to name a few.

How can my child and I access the e-textbooks used in my child’s class? 
Students must log into MyKaty Cloud. MyKaty Cloud can be found at . Click on MyKaty Login or you can type the following URL into any web browser:  After logging in, the student will click on the textbook tab located at the bottom of the page, then the folder with the specific content area such as math or social studies. The last step is to click on the book associated with the student’s course.

As a parent, when I log in to MyKaty Cloud, I can see assignments for my child at one school, but I cannot view assignments for my child who is enrolled in another school. Why is that?
Only students have access to MyKaty Cloud. Some parents have access to Canvas. The campus has to “turn on” the parent observation role in order for parents to see all students’ information. At this time, not all campuses are using Canvas.

I am having login problems with MyKaty Cloud and/or Canvas. I keep getting “kicked out.” What can I do?

The Technology Department is currently working to uncover any issues that a student may experience. Please understand a constant Internet connection is required for this to function properly. To report any issues with this, please complete the Form located on the Parent Tech Help Site.

What secondary subjects does Katy ISD utilize online textbooks for?
Most subjects areas have some type of online resource for the students to access.

​ ​High School Courses
​Subject ​ Format
​Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus​Per student hard copy with individual online access
​AP Statistics, Math Models with Applications ​Class set with individual online access
​Academic & Pre-AP Social Studies CoursesClass set with individual online access
​AP Social Studies Courses​ Per student hard copy with individual online access
​Academic & Pre-AP Science Courses​ Class set with individual online access
​AP Science Courses Per student hard copy with individual online access
​Academic & Pre-AP English Courses​Class set with individual online access for literature books
​AP English Courses ​Per student hard copy only
​ ​Junior High School Courses
​English Courses​ Class set with individual online access for literature books
​Math Courses​Per student hard copy with individual online access
​Social Studies Courses​Class set with individual online access
​ Science Courses ​Online only

 Can a parent request a hard copy textbook for courses that primarily use the online textbook format?
Yes. In cases where a student requires a hard copy textbook, parents should send a written request to the campus textbook clerk indicating that the student needs a hard copy of the textbook. The request should include the student’s name, grade level, name of course or book, and the reason for the request.

Are students required to have a personal smart device for coursework and homework assignments?
While access to smart devices is helpful, it is not required. Katy ISD is in the seventh year of providing public, filtered Wi-Fi for students. Therefore Wi-Fi access is available for students who bring their own devices to school. Campuses, in most cases, do not provide a device for each student to use every class period of each day.

My child does not have Internet access at home. How do we access Canvas, online homework assignments, and online textbooks?
There are many ways for students to access the Internet. School libraries have iPads and hotspots available for students to check-out if they do not have access at home. In addition, parents have an option to sign up with the Internet Essentials Program which offers a reduced rate for Internet, low cost computers, free classes and tutorials. Another option to access online resources is through school and public libraries.  Katy ISD has compiled a list of resources for students, parents and staff for Low Cost Internet Options.

My child does not have access to a smart device. What are our options?
If a student does not have a device at home, then he or she may check one out at the school library, provided there is availability. The student, in most cases, may also check out a textbook.  

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