• Mindful Mondays Club

    This campus club allows students to meet weekly in the library for a quiet ELT that is focused on social emotional needs. Activities include reading, journaling, art, mindful breathing, and other peaceful activities. Research has shown that mindfulness can improve attention & emotional regulation, build greater compassion, and reduce stress & anxiety. The club will be hosted in the HJH Library with Mrs. Gruen, the librarian, and will start Monday, 9/5. 

    The club will meet during ELT every Monday. Students who plan on attending that day’s club will need to sign up for a pass before noon, and should not have any academic ELTs they need to attend (HB4545, retests, tutorials, etc). Passes are limited to 30 a day, and are given on a first-come, first-serve basis. While the library has several activities, students are allowed to bring quiet, individual activities from home (so long as they are school-appropriate). The library is not liable for any damage to personal items. 

    Attendance is not mandatory to remain in the club but the permission slip must be returned for the student to join. If a student repeatedly signs up for an e-hall pass but should be in tutorials, they may lose the opportunity to participate in future meetings. We must keep a roster of active members for school safety.

    Download the Permission Slip Here.